Everything That Should Be Your Priority in Your 20s


The mind of a 20-year-old has the inquisitiveness of a teenager but the dreams and aspirations of an adult. This is an age when you finally leave all your wishes, fantasies, and childlike innocence and step into the real world. There is a fine line between expectations and reality. At 20, you begin to differentiate this line and finally start taking steps towards the achievement of your dreams and aspirations.

You may have endless dreams, but you cannot have endless priorities. You need to set your priorities right in order to be successful in life. Here are a few things that should be a priority of every 20 years old. These are not set in a particular order, but each of them is important to have a successful life.

Make Your Parents Proud

Parents are the ones who have always been there with youthrough thick and thin. So, now that you’ve become an adult your topmost priority should be to make your parents happy and proud of whatever you do. You should consider their opinions and value their efforts.

Look After Your Health

Most people, during this age, neglect their health due to workload or other stress. Focusing on your health is very important if you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money by paying off hospital bills in the future. You can only continue working and be successful if your mind and body are healthy. So, to remain healthy, pick an exercise of your choice and start doing it, daily. It can be yoga, playing sports or even dancing.

Set Your Career

At 20 you cannot be deciding your career but making efforts and taking steps towards firmly establishing it. Hence, avoid any kind of distraction that can waver in your path. Love relationships are good and definitely important, but you should not make it a priority above your career.

Understand the Importance of Money

You must have spent your money lavishly because honestly, you did not know how hard your parents worked to earn it. However, in this materialistic world, earning money is important. Hence, value money and do not spend it carelessly.

Prioritize Your Happiness

Choose to do things that make you happy. If there is something that doesn’t, then get the clue. Learn to be a master of your dreams and not a slave. Don’t get caught in the rat race to achieve things at the cost of your happiness.

Purchase Term Insurance to Secure Your Loved Ones

Though we know that term insurance is important, many people have a myth that purchasing it is an expensive affair. Well, the fact is, it’s not. Purchasing term plan in your 20s is much cheaper than purchasing it in your 30s or 40s.

So,what is termplan or term insurance? Term insurance is a type of life insurance where you are required to pay a nominal amount as a premium in return for a lump sum which is paid to your family in case of your premature demise.

Moreover, it makes it possible for your dependents to live the same way as they used to before. However, it is important that your coverage is revised on a timely basis because your needs undergo a consistent change.

Never Leave Your Friends

At this stage, you realise that not everyone is your friend. But you also realise that your true friends will stick to your side come what may. So, love your friends, and make time for them because they are the ones who correct your mistakes and help you move on.


Last, but not the least, live your life to make it meaningful and never give up. So, while you are still young, work hard to fulfil your dreams and always have hard work, passion, and vision by your side!

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