Essential Features for Moms to Look for In a SUV


When it comes to SUVs, South Africa is known to be the leader of the pack as far as the number of people who own them. The country’s rugged terrain makes an SUV a natural choice for those looking to get around in a reliable, comfortable, and spacious manner. According to the National Administration Traffic Information System (eNatis), as of February 2017, there were 12,027,860 vehicles registered in the country – and you can bet a large number of them are SUVs.

As far as who is driving these SUVs, well that’s pretty varied, but one group of people that seems to have a real affinity for them are moms. Whether it’s a mom of one or a handful, SUVs can make getting around a lot more convenient and comfortable. So, if you’re a mom and you’re looking at purchasing your first SUV, there are a few key features you may want to insist upon.

Popularity Counts for Something

While not exactly a “feature”, when shopping for a vehicle, popularity counts for something. If you are shopping for a new car, there is nothing wrong with looking into models that have been proven to be popular with those who are similar to you, in that case, other moms.

Take, for example, a new or used Ford Kuga. This particular vehicle is known for its roomy interior with a tailgate that easily opens up with the touch of your foot. This is ideal for busy moms who always seem to be juggling 50 different things at once, including the kids. As well, it has an EcoBoost engine, which makes it economical on petrol.

There is nothing wrong with taking a look at what’s popular with the other moms out there and letting that be your jumping off point as far as research goes.

Plenty of Cargo Space

One of the most important features that moms look for is plenty of cargo space. This is needed for groceries, baby gear, and all the extra stuff you seem to tote around when you have a family. You don’t hear many moms complaining “my car has just too much space in the trunk”; it’s usually the opposite that you’ll hear.

Room for Car Seats

You will also want to make sure the car accommodates the number of car seats you have. If you plan on having the vehicle for a while and are planning to have more kids in the future, you’ll want to consider the extra seat(s) you will inevitably need.

On-Board Entertainment

While this may seem unnecessary, it’s shocking just how helpful onboard entertainment can be for the kids when you’re in the car. A movie system can keep them happy, occupied, and best of all, quiet so that you can concentrate on the road.

Getting What You Want and Need

Before you start shopping for cars, it can be helpful to create a wish list of what you want and need in a vehicle. You can then use this list to rate where the various models stand.

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