EJ Dalius Presents Top Social Media Life Hacks for Startup Growth


Social media marketing is at an all-time high, and no startup can afford to stay off the bandwagon. In your early days as a player in your domain, social media might actually be the best vehicle for your growth, since over 45% of the global population has been reported to be using at least one social networking channel if not more. With a user base this large and this varied, it will take a lot more than just intent to get going with social marketing campaigns. 

As per Momblogsociety, it is mandatory to have a smart and effective social media stratagem for attaining all your goals and objectives. In this context, EJ Dalius helps you realize that your social media marketing strategy or plan would go a long way in helping you achieve your goals within a really short span. Here’s what you should do to get going fast.

Market Research is the Name of the Game, says Eric Dalius

So you’ve set up your account, set your profile picture and bio, and are ready to fire away a few tweets. Hold your horses, though, because there’s some homework you need to do since random tweets will be useless and maybe even counterproductive in the long run. Before getting started, you need to conduct extensive market research. This is not a monumental task since there will be a lot of overlap with the research you must have done while formulating your business plan. You must now extend the same to survey social behaviors for the market segments you have already identified.

Prepare a High-Level Plan to Direct All Your Efforts

After your basic research phase, you should build a high-level overview of your marketing approach on every individual channel, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This is a bad time to get too specific, as you do not know enough about the online marketing landscape yet. You do need to set weekly and monthly goals that you can aim to achieve whenever you make any marketing decisions. These can be simple goals like 20 potential customers reached this week, or your reach extended by 5% for a month. Once you have this in mind, every decision becomes clearer.

Move from Novice to Master Rapidly For Your Best Shot at Success

With so many marketing channels available to you, it can be easy to lose track. Maintaining a presence simply may not be enough to increase your exposure. Instead, you should limit your efforts to a few platforms, at least at first. Eric J Dalius says that if you can keep yourself laser-focused on marketing gains for a few channels in the early stages, you will see significantly better results. After mastering these, you may move onto other networks.

Running Contests Could Be Vital

Contests could prove to be pretty useful for a number of reasons. They assist you in effectively engaging with your precise target audience in a casual and fun way. They let you get the satisfaction of giving back to the community. You have easy access to UGC or User Generated Content that could be effectively utilized for promoting your brand even further. In this context, you must understand that some contests necessitate minimal involvement from users while there are still other contests that inspire them to provide more valuable data and information for using judiciously in the lead funnel. Simply ensure that the prizes or rewards are consistent with the expected effort from a user.

Using SMM Automation Tools

Often as a startup or a small business, you may not be in a position to employ the services of professionals or full-fledged staff. Remember you could easily access a few cutting-edge social media marketing apps and automation tools that could assist you in scheduling and deploying social media updates directly from only one dashboard. Some of the superlative social media automation tools or software products are Buffer, Hootsuite, Social Flow, and HubSpot, etc.


Social media marketing may seem pretty simple for small businesses and startups. However, developing effective social media marketing stratagems would automatically imply mastering the fundamentals of social media communication and research.

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