EJ Dalius Discusses Tried & Tested Ways to Leverage Social Media Marketing for Boosting Your Small Business


Social media platforms have gained phenomenal popularity over the years. Yet some businesses are still skeptical about their importance and relevance to their marketing strategies and goals. Social media marketing platforms are vibrant and versatile and you could leverage the power of these platforms to engage with your target audience, boost your business, and achieve your marketing goals. 

EJ Dalius explains that today social media has started adopting their unique form of SEO that helps in promoting a truly positive user experience. This algorithm is known to work by simply presenting your posts initially to just one percent of all your followers. In the event, those people find your post interesting and they engage with it, then your post would be introduced to a relatively larger pool. Gradually more and more users would be seeing your post provided it is engaging enough to be shareable content. People will start sharing engaging content across various social media channels. Here are some social media marketing tips that could help in boosting your brand’s overall online presence.

Eric Dalius Offers Some Smart Social Media Marketing Tips

Opt for the Best Social Media Platform & Be Consistent

Social media platforms are not the same. Different businesses grab the attention of different people. Moreover, different people have a preference for and actively use diverse social media channels. It is, therefore, of pivotal importance for you to determine precisely who you are trying to engage and reach via social media and exactly where to find them. For doing this, you would be requiring profiles of your customers or buyer personas that could be utilized for zeroing in on your precise target audience. Once you have figured out the social media platforms that should work best for you, choose them and stay committed to them. Consider mastering your marketing stratagems there initially and then you could broaden your horizon.

Identify Attainable & Precise Goals

You must consider setting specific social media marketing objectives and goals according to Eric J Dalius. You must come up with well-defined clear-cut goals that you could easily accomplish within a fixed timeframe. Moreover, your goals must be supported by a robust plan to ensure success. While leveraging a social media platform, you must have a clear understanding of the goals you are trying to achieve: leads, sales, or both? 

Boost Your Overall Social Reach

As per https://momblogsociety.com, it is just not enough to create and share your content. If you do not focus on promoting your content, you would fail to attract substantial traffic on your social media profiles. You must consider partnering with top social media influencers from your industry and sharpen the quality of all your content. Ensure that your existing audience and your aspired target audience have access to your specific brand and your unique marketing message. Make sure that your customers and potential customers are connecting to you on the various social media channels.

Focus On Auditing Your Social Presence

You must focus on conducting a thorough audit of your overall social presence. A meticulous social media audit would help you determine precisely what efforts and strategies have worked for you and what haven’t. Moreover, you could understand precisely what profiles need to be updated. You could use cutting-edge tools and templates to audit accurately your overall social media presence.


Social media could seem extremely overwhelming and challenging to any busy entrepreneur who is juggling with too many things at a time. However, it is of pivotal importance to leverage the versatility and power of these vibrant social networking platforms to boost your business.

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