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Budget Friendly Eating Delights

Getting your hands on that fattening burger when you’re rushing out for work in the morning seems to be such a convenient option but ever thought about your portly frame that’s taking shape because of such convenient choices?

Sure, we all have busy lives and the weekdays are a crazy time but this definitely is no excuse to the way you’re putting your and your family’s health at stake. And yes, I do realize that these convenient choices are many times cheaper choices too than the meals you may otherwise prepare at home. Still, be it the lack of time or the temptation to save out on some bucks that’s tempting you to rely on these unhealthy and convenient food choices, I beg you – STOP!

“So what’s it that we can do?” many of you may ask. To tell you the truth, little thought can take you a long way in saving a fortune and have healthy balanced meals on a daily basis. Here’s how:

  1. Find Out About the Cheap Meal Delivery Services in Your Area – Okay, so this is sure going to be the most popular choice for many of you. Convenient, time-saving, pocket-friendly and healthy – there’s no reason why this option wouldn’t work for anyone.


When you have the right meal delivery service provider, your life becomes a cake walk. This is a true weight watchers delight, who’s just too busy to cook their own meals and do not have the time to go through the discount coupons of grocery stores to find cheap deals to save some money. I stay in Michigan and personally love Diet To Go service, which is the cheapest meal delivery service in the US. You can click here to find more details about it and to even get some money-saving promo codes for their service.


With all the meals being prepared by keeping in mind the calorie counts obsession of weight loss enthusiasts, Bistro MD has just made it easy to lose weight without having to think about what you’re eating. I tried a couple of times at my mama’s place in NYC last year, the food is delicious! My only concern is, it’s a little more expensive than my usual Diet To Go meals. For more details of this service, you can check here and see if you’re lucky enough to find any discount coupons for yourself.


  1. Explore Your Options – Coming onto people who love to cook or at least do not mind sparing some time in cooking healthy meals (or, at least dinners) for their family every day, exploring their options can give them a great way to stumble across some budget-friendly healthy deals that do not take much of their time.


You can start by finding out what are the cheaper or the seasoned vegetables or ingredients that are available in the market. Beans, either dried or canned, is a popularly recommended option according to the Consumer Reports, for families who are trying to eat healthy on a tight budget. Now search for the recipes of these ingredients/vegetables on the Net and get started.  A sweet potato roasted in oven is one such choice that’s loved by many.


You can also mix up tune with mustard, pepper and pickle juice. Wrap them all in lettuce leaves and just indulge. Another option that caters to the fancy of frugal living health freaks is eggs and black bean burgers. The choices are only as limited or as varied as your imagination.


  1. Cultivate Garden Beds in Your Backyard – Love gardening? Why not use it for more “practical” purpose than to have just beautiful flowers blossom in your garden bed? Grow fresh vegetables and fruits and see how easily you save while doing something that you actually love. Yes I know, everyone may not have a backyard. But for those, a container garden on your patio can serve the same purpose. Like fresh herbs? Why not grow them in a few small pots beside your kitchen window to snip them whenever you feel like?


  1. Don’t Forget to Analyze the Per Unit Nutritional Value – There’s nothing new in watching women skip the healthier options, like fresh pineapple or salmon fillets, because they splurged way too much on stuff like, expensive name-brand cereals and can-sodas. They’d give up on a 3-pound lean pork that costs $13 because they see just the “$13” amount in their minds and blissfully ignores its per unit nutritional value. They forget to consider that this lean pork will actually be sufficient to serve 3 complete dinners for a family of four.


Staying healthy on a stunted budget might seem challenging at times but it’s really your creativity and planning that makes the difference. Yes, there’d be occasions when you’d give in to your temptation at times and have these processed foods, still knowing that your family is more or less eating healthy meals and not the calorie-loaded junk will itself give you the satisfaction that would make all the efforts seem worth it.


B. Lyttle is a health conscious mom of two lovely daughters. She’s a marketing professional and relies on healthy food delivery services to keep her family healthy while staying within the budget. She highly recommends everyone to avail these cheap meal delivery services to stay fit and in shape even when you’re too busy to hit the gym. Apart from spending time with her daughters, Lyttle is a keen fashion lover. Currently, she’s a contributor to Mom Blog Society, which provides great insights to the common issues faced by all moms nowadays, from dating to work and parenting.


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Kristina Juarez
Kristina Juarez
11 years ago

Thanks, I had never even thought of looking up a diet delivery service. Its very difficult to find foods that everyone will eay that are healthy and budget friendly and this sounds like a good option. I actually just started a vegetable garden in my backyard so I completely agree with this advice!! I just hope I can keep it going! Im very proud of it right now 😉