Does Ergattas Gaming-Inspired Rower Meet the Hype?


Rowing is an effective workout that is quickly gaining popularity, and rightly so. It works out almost all the bodily muscles and strengthens arm, back, and shoulder muscles. It’s also great for toning the body. Essentially, weight loss is guaranteed because the amount of calories burnt while rowing is quite high. Rowing is also popular because it does not take much to understand how it’s done and there are very minimal chances of getting injured while doing it. Due to its growing popularity, many companies are offering this product. One of the most popular ones is the  Ergatta Gaming-Inspired Rower. So popular that multiple top publications including Dynasystech, have reviewed it. So, based on its features, is it worth the hype? 

Well, compared to competitors,  Ergatta’s Gaming-Inspired Rower does meet the hype.  It is both as good to look at as it is efficient. In contrast to older rower models that were dull and boring, it will definitely add to your workout area’s aesthetic value. It is also light-weight and can easily be moved around to the preferred spot for workouts such as the balcony or the backyard. It can even be used in the living room and one would be forgiven for thinking it was part of the furniture. The best part is that it has wheels for mobility. 

Secondly, it has provisions for a smart connection, in that it can connect you to a virtual gym. The rower makes it possible for one to see their performance while working out. It detects performance by analyzing physical movement. The rower is also fitted with a high-tech high resolution that allows for Bluetooth connection making it easy to connect heart rate monitors, among other useful tools. It also offers an entire library of on-demand workout exercises, which you can view on the fantastic screen and improve your rowing skills. If you are competitive and want to monitor your progress,  this smart connection is the best feature to challenge yourself. 

This rower is also made of fine quality material and is built to last. It is made out of American cherry wood, a strong hardwood that can last for years. That’s because cherry wood is to a large extent, resistant to rot and decay.  It’s so good that your rower will probably outlive you. 

Another of its decent points is that it can comfortably support all body shapes and sizes as it has a weight capacity of up to 500 pounds. Tall people can also comfortably use the rower as it supports up to 6’8″ in height. This versatility makes it quite popular with anyone looking to keep fit and have fun. Even pro athletes that are usually of above-average size can use it comfortably. 

The rower is also perfect for home users as it is a water rower. It has a water-filled tank which is what causes resistance when you row. This is important as it enables you to set your own pace and resistance when you row. This is very significant, especially for those who may have injuries and wish for low-impact workouts. The water rower also attempts to create a similar experience to rowing on actual water, which most rowers find invaluable.

Lastly, it meets the hype because even with all its features, the price is quite reasonable. On top of that, acquiring the rower has been made much easier because there is a provision for financing it by paying small installments. These installments can be delivered between 12 and 24 months, meaning you don’t have to rob a bank or tighten your belt to be able to own one. It will also be shipped and installed to your preferred location. Quite convenient, right?

Despite the hype, once you buy one, you need to put in the work as well.  The Regatta Rower is just a tool to help out with your workout, and if you don’t put in the work, it will not give you the results you want. You need to dedicate time in your day for some exercise with this equipment.  You also need to be sure that you are doing the exercise right. For instance, if you have back problems, you may need a professional’s help to use this tool. The last thing you want is to give yourself back complications in the name of working out. Essentially, the rower, like most workout tools, should be used with sobriety.

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