Do You Have a Problem With Addiction? 5 Signs You May Need Rehab


According to a recent survey, more than 124 million Americans have used marijuana at some point in their lives. In 2017, nearly 40 percent of adults were struggling with drug use disorders. 

While it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of addiction, most researchers agree that genetics may play a role. Certain environmental factors, such as peer pressure, may increase the risk of addiction too.

This disorder doesn’t discriminate between gender, race, or social status. From teenagers to seniors, anyone can become addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Do you have a problem with addiction? If you notice any of the following signs, consider going to rehab to get your life back on track.

Changes in Mood and Behavior

While it’s normal to feel different after drinking a glass of wine, alcohol abuse can lead to major behavioral changes. The same goes for drug abuse and addiction.

Alcohol and drug use disorders can permanently affect the brain’s structure. Addicts often engage in risky behaviors, neglect their families and friends, or lose their interest in activities they once enjoyed.

You Can’t Kick the Habit

The inability to stop using a substance behind need is a hallmark of addiction.

Whether you’re taking opioids or smoking weed, you should be able to limit or quit that substance. If you cannot do it, you may have become addicted to it.

Your Health Is Getting Worse

Both alcohol and illicit drugs may cause serious health issues down the road. Opioids, for instance, may cause breathing problems and even death when used in large doses.

Alcohol abuse, on the other hand, affects the heart, liver, and brain and may lead to organ damage.

If your health is getting worse because of drug or alcohol use, it’s time to stop. The longer you wait, the higher the risks. Reach out to a rehab center to address these problems before it’s too late.  

You Have Difficulty Sleeping

Most drugs interfere with the circadian rhythm, disrupting your sleep. Ecstasy, for example, may cause severe episodes of sleep paralysis and sleep apnea even when used in small doses.

Alcohol isn’t safer either. Although it can help you fall asleep faster, it blocks REM sleep and affects the circadian rhythm.

Your Tolerance Increases

The longer you use a drug, the more you need to increase the dosage to experience its effects. You may also experience withdrawal symptoms, such as anxiety and jitters, due to tolerance to the drug.

For example, if you’re taking opioids for pain relief, you may no longer feel they work after a few weeks of use. As a result, you may increase the dose. This can lead to addiction and affect your quality of life.

Do You Have a Problem with Drug Addiction? Seek Help Before It’s Too Late!

Drug addiction can be sneaky, and its symptoms are not always obvious. Whether you’re drinking alcohol or taking prescription opioids, watch out for any warning signs. A lack of appetite, anxiety, mood changes, and sleepiness are all signs that something isn’t right.

Do you have a problem with alcohol or drug addiction? Stop the cycle now and take the steps to a happy, healthy life. Contact a rehab center in your area to get help so you can feel like yourself again. 

And if you’re looking for other ways to improve your health and well-being, browse the rest of our blog! 

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