Ditching the Clumsy Cables: Advantage of Charging your Phone Wirelessly


Every generation of electronics technology takes up a notch when it comes to innovation and convenience. With every succeeding implementation of bleeding-edge technology, electronic gadgets continue to become more intuitive and, of course, extremely convenient to use as well. The latest trend in electronic device gadget market seems to be focusing primarily on making the use of physical wires and cords ancient history.

This is probably why we see less of the traditional wires in some of the most fundamental areas where they were utilized extensively. Two of the most prominent advancements in wireless technology come in the form of Bluetooth headphones/ earpiece, and wireless charging technology as well. More and more people are turning to wireless charging pads to juice up their drained out smartphone battery due to the dynamic nature of benefit it offers as compared to its wired counterparts.

There are, however, not many websites or brands that offer a genuine quality of wireless charging pads. This is one of the critical limitations thatwireless charging faces at present. There are, however, some distinct tech gadget websites like DFYDaily that offers a genuine quality of wireless charging pads at an extremely affordable price tag, none the less.

Here are some of the most compelling advantages of charging your smartphone wirelessly.

  1. Optimum Convenience

The superior level of convenience that wireless chargers offer is probably its primary selling point. Instead of having to go through the unintuitive process of plugging physical cords in and out of your smartphone, wireless charging pads allow you to simply place your smart device on top of it and forget about it until fully charged. This also means you do not have to deal with busted charging cord and wires, which is relatively a frequent occurrence in case of the conventional wired charging mechanism.

In addition, you can simply take (lift) out your phone whenever you want, especially in case of emergency without having to detach your from any physical cords as well. The same applies to putting it on charge as well. You can simply put it on charge without having to search for charging cables, especially at night when you are too lazy to get up and plug in the cords physically.

  1. Enhance the durability of your phone

Modern smartphones are moving towards an entirely “no-nonsense” design characteristics. This means packaging the device with only those features that are important and crucial to preserve the durability and optimal functionality of the equipment, which includes making them dust-free and, of course, water-resistant as well. This is one of the primary reasons why premium smartphone companies are scrapping off the 3.5 mm headphone jack, as the significant void acts as a dust-collecting medium, and, obviously compromises its water-resistant feature as well.

The equivalent concern is transferrable to charging ports as well. However, since, the majority of smartphones still charge using conventional cables, the hollow charging port cannot be eliminated from the genuine design blueprint. Yet, with the implementation of wireless charging, your device no longer has to collect dust, but, more importantly, enhances its water-proof feature as well. In addition to that, you also protect the physical integrity of your charging port that gets damaged as a result of recurrent cord plugging actions daily.    

  1. Universal charging

The other key drawback of charging your device through physical cables is its restricted functionality. It is usually recommended by the manufacturers to charge your device using only their genuine brand-specific power bricks. This means you are forced to carry around your device genuine charger wherever you go, or, at least carry an external bulky power bank to ensure convincing power backup for your smart companion. All these factors significantly limit your option of charging your device whenever you step out of your house.

Wireless charging pads, on the other hand, are universally compatible with all the existing smartphones, meaning you can charge your device whenever, and wherever you can find one. This also means you can purchase a single wireless charging pad for multiple devices in your house instead of investing in individual power bricks.

  1. Low electrical fault risk and easier to find the charging dock

The risk of triggering an electrical fault while charging your device using a physical cable is a genuine concern. The copious number of scratch marks around the charging port is a relevant indication of how inconsistent your plugging technique is, and that particular erratic method increases the risk factor whenever you put your phone to charge or unplug it. In case of fluctuating power supply, your inconsistent plugging method can cause electrical sparking and shock when you’re handling your device during charging as well.

In addition to reducing the shock risk, finding wireless charging pads are also incredibly easier and convenient, as opposed to searching for the conventional wall power socket as well. In America, for instance, various public stations such as coffee houses, airports, and restaurants are usually integrated with multiple wireless charging ports, making it easier for you to charge your device.

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Live Lounge
3 years ago

Agreed. its a serious benefit

Sometimes using wires to charge android devices is a headache

Amar Kumar
3 years ago

Hey Ladonna,

Wireless charging has been around for a good few years and has gained more and more popularity.

Most important thing about wireless charging, it doesn’t need cables, which means there’s no need for a USB port anymore which removes the strain on the cable, the charging plug and the phone’s USB. Thanks for sharing.

~ Amar Kumar

aos tv ipl
3 years ago

Heartfully agreed with the post, it’s always better to use the phone charging with wireless devices.

2 years ago

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