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Ratings Highlights August 11-17, 2014 –


Final National Ratings

Disney Channel Is #1 in Total Day and Primetime in Total Viewers and Kids 2-11, Kids 6-11 and Tweens; Friday Premieres of “How to Build a Better Boy” and “Girl Meets World” are TV’s Top 2 Telecasts Among Target Kids;  Longtime Summer Winner Disney Channel Is Pacing to Again Be #1 in Kids 2-11, Kids 6-11 and Tweens


Disney Junior’s “Sofia the First” on Disney Channel Is Cable TV’s #1 Series

in Kids 2-5 and the #1 Preschool Cable TV Series in Total Viewers


24-Hour Disney Junior channel Ranks as TV’s #1 Preschool-Dedicated Network

for the 72nd-Consecutive Week

in Total Viewers and Kids 2-5; Has the

Week’s Top 6 Series Across Preschooler Networks Among Kids 2-5


Disney Channel: Total Day and Prime Highlights

For the week of August 11, 2014, powered by Disney Channel Original MovieHow to Build a Better Boy” and near-record performance for original comedy “Girl Meets World,” Disney Channel swept Total Day, ranking as cable TV’s #1 network in Total Viewers (1.60 million) and TV’s #1 network across major youth Kid 2-11 (832,000/2.1 rating), Kids 6-11 (625,000/2.6 rating) and Tween 9-14 (562,000/2.3 rating) demographics. Notably, Disney Channel has been TV’s #1 network for 168-consecutive weeks in Tweens (3+ years) and was #1 for the 167th time in the previous 168 weeks in Kids 6-11.

In Prime, Disney Channel stood as cable TV’s #1 network in Total Viewers (2.15 million), was #1 for the 468th-consecutive week among Kids 6-11 (918,000/3.9 rating – 9 years) and for the 205th-straight week among Tweens 9-14 (766,000/3.2 rating – 3+ years).

  • Disney Channel defeated Nickelodeon by 40% in Kids 6-11



  • (625,000 vs. 447,000) and by 73% in Tweens 9-14 (562,000 vs. 324,000).



With 2 weeks remaining in Summer 2014

, Disney Channel is primed to rank as cable TV’s #1 Total Day network for the 2nd summer in a row in Total Viewers (1.57 million) and as TV’s #1 network for the 3rd-consecutive summer in Kids 2-11 (844,000/2.1 rating), 5th in Kids 6-11 (608,000/2.6 rating) and 9th in Tweens (521,000/2.2 rating).

  • For the 2nd-consecutive week



  • , Disney Junior’s “Sofia the First” on Disney Channel ranked as cable TV’s #1 series in Kids 2-5 (477,000/3.1 rating) and the #1 preschool cable TV series in Total Viewers (1.76 million).



  • Disney Channel aired the Top 9 TV telecasts in Kids 2-11, Top 10 in Kids 6-11 and Top 16 in Tweens



  • (Top 5 below):







24-Hour Disney Junior channel

24-hour Disney Junior channel, now in its second year as a publicly-measured Nielsen network,

ranked as TV’s #1 preschool-devoted Total Day network for the 72nd-straight week among Total Viewers (531,000), Kids 2-5 (266,000/1.7 rating) and Boys 2-5 (134,000/1.7 rating) –every week since 4/1/13– for the 54th time in the previous 55 weeks in Girls 2-5 (132,000/1.7 rating) and 60th in Women 18-49 (102,000). Moreover, the channel recorded its #2 week ever in Boys 2-5, behind only holiday week of 12/30/13.

  • Disney Junior delivered the week’s Top 6 series across preschooler networks in Kids 2-5 and the Top 5 stripped series across preschool networks in Total Viewers



  • :





  • For the week, Disney Junior channel more than doubled Nick Jr. in Kids 2-5 (+106% –


  • 266,000 vs. 129,000), Boys 2-5 (+109% –134,000 vs. 64,000) and Girls 2-5 (+103% –132,000 vs. 65,000) and held solid double-digit advantages in Total Viewers (+79% –531,000 vs. 296,000)and Women 18-49 (+85% –102,000 vs. 55,000).


  • For the week, Disney Junior channel towered over Sprout by triple-digit margins for the 72nd-consecutive week among Total Viewers (+264% –


  • 531,000 vs. 146,000), Kids 2-5 (+286% –266,000 vs. 69,000), Girls 2-5 (+326% –132,000 vs. 31,000) and Boys 2-5 (+253% –134,000 vs. 38,000) and by at least double digits for 72nd week in a row in Women 18-49 (+229% –102,000 vs. 31,000).

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