Disagree to Agree: 5 Divorce Mediation Tips That Work


About 40-50% of married couples in the United States get divorced. If you are a part of this statistic, you probably want to make things as easy as possible on yourself.

You don’t have to go to court to get your divorce settled. Mediation processes can help if done correctly. Here are 5 divorce mediation tips that work:

  1. You’re Not There to Win

During divorce mediation, you may have a feeling of wanting to be right. Divorce mediation tips include recognizing that you need to compromise instead of win. Don’t even worry about getting even.

As a divorcee, you should be prepared to agree. This is especially important if you and your ex-partner have children together.

Marriage is about the give and take, but sometimes so is divorce. You’re not there to win the divorce mediation.

  1. Set Emotions Aside

Setting emotions aside is easier said than done, but it is one of the most important divorce mediation tips. The emotions you feel after a divorce are probably going to be strong and could last for years, but mediation during divorce is not the time to bring them out.

Although these feelings are understandable, they will only keep you from coming to a compromise. This isn’t couples therapy, emotions should be left out as much as possible.

  1. Create Lists

When preparing for divorce mediation, create lists of assets, possessions, and debts. The items that your former spouse and you owned together should be laid out in an overview.

The more time you had been together, the more stuff the two of you probably accumulated. The joint items are going to be an important part of the mediation. Teryl Scott Lawyers Inc. can help you decide which items will end up with who.

  1. Create a Budget

Now that you won’t have two incomes to rely on, forming a budget should be done to avoid future financial issues. Predict the financial implications before they occur.

You won’t be able to figure out your exact expenses, so estimate the best you can. This can be one of the more challenging tasks when getting a divorce.

  1. Share Concerns

Divorce mediation is all about getting over any concerns you may have from the split. Concerns are especially important for those who have children together.

If you are concerned about the kids’ daycare, the responsibility one parent has, or the health requirements for the kids, write it down. Money concerns are also something to make note of.

The list of concerns should be something seriously discussed during divorce mediation. It is the best chance to resolve any of the issues you may fear once the divorce is finalized.

Divorce Mediation Tips For You

These divorce mediation tips for you can help your divorce run as smoothly as possible. This part of life can be messy and emotional, so getting a little help will only do you good. Follow these tips for something that works.

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