Custom Sticker Crafts: Creative Fun For Moms And Kids


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Remember those little, shiny stickers you loved sticking to your diary? Custom sticker crafting has come a long way since then, evolving into an engaging activity mums and kids can do together. The best part is that making stickers requires only a few materials, most of which you may already have at home. 

Envision being indoors on a rainy afternoon with your child, having a blank canvas waiting to be transformed by vibrant custom stickers. Intrigued? Continue reading to learn how to utilise your art materials for a fun and productive activity with your child.

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The Benefits Of Custom Sticker Crafts 

Crafting opens a world of creativity for kids and their parents. Especially with custom sticker crafts, your child’s personality shines. Sticker crafts are more than just a dab of glue and a dash of glitter. They’re little canvases where imagination and self-expression come alive. Imagine a unicorn with a robot’s body or a flower with a lion’s face. When you create custom stickers, the possibilities are endless.

These sticker projects are not only fun but also crucial for kids to develop their fine motor skills. Those tiny hands cutting, peeling, and sticking aren’t just playing – they’re honing their dexterity. Each action enhances their dexterity and coordination, which is crucial for future tasks like writing or buttoning clothes.

Tools And Materials For Custom Sticker Crafts 

Your custom stickers won’t appear at the simple snap of your fingers. First, you’ll need art software to turn your imagination into tangible designs. Modern tech has various design tools to get you started. 

If you’re unfamiliar with design software, consider using the user-friendly website, Canva. Tech-inclined mums might fare better with Adobe Illustrator or Procreate with their advanced design capabilities. And don’t forget mobile apps, making sticker designing a cinch, even on the move. If you prefer not to use digital tools and use your child’s own pencil and crayon doodles instead, you can scan them into your computer.

Aside from software and apps, here are the tools you must have to make stickers with your kid:

  • Sticker Paper:
      • Matte: Ideal for artwork or designs that need a flat finish.
      • Glossy: Adds a shine, making colours pop.
      • Clear: Transparent and perfect for overlay designs or glass surfaces.
  • Printers:
      • Inkjet Printers: Known for rich colour results. Great for detailed designs.
      • Laser Printers: Suitable for bulk printing, they provide longevity and resistance to water.
  • Scissors or a sticker-cutting machine

Since you’ll be doing this activity with your child, keep a watchful eye on them when near sharp objects. The last thing you want is to have a worthwhile crafting session turn sour due to a preventable accident.

How To Make Stickers

Creating custom stickers is a breeze once you understand the steps involved. Design your sticker on the chosen software, print it on sticker paper, cut it out, and there you go – it’s ready to stick! But if you need a step-by-step guide, check out this one below:

  • Design Phase: Start by sketching your design manually, or choose from available templates on your software or app.
  • Sizing: Adjust the size of your sticker to fit your project’s requirements.
  • Printing: Using your choice of printer and sticker paper, print your design. Ensure you match the print settings to your paper type for the best results.
  • Cutting: Use scissors or a craft knife to cut out your sticker. For intricate designs, consider investing in a cutting machine.
  • Application: Peel off the backing and apply your sticker to your desired surface. Press it firmly so it sticks well.

Turn this sticker-making time into a fun and enlightening adventure for you and your child. Incorporate colours, shapes, or even numbers in your designs. Consider allowing your kid to assist you during the design phase and printing out the stickers, turning sticker creation into an educational venture, too.

Exciting Custom Sticker Crafts Ideas 

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, custom stickers serve various practical purposes. Think about sticker collages, where a mix of shapes and colours come alive on canvas. How about adding a twist to journaling? Diaries and notebooks become personalised tales with the custom stickers you and your child created.

Stepping outdoors? Stickers can redefine your child’s personal items. Kids can plaster their custom stickers on bicycles, turning them into mobile art. Stickers can also personalise water bottles. It’s a fantastic idea, especially for school, ensuring no mix-ups during lunch breaks.

Festive seasons bring more opportunities for your custom stickers. They can transform ordinary ornaments into self-designed decorations. And if you’re into DIY, sticker-embellished gift tags or greeting cards can sprinkle a touch of warmth and thoughtfulness into your gifts.


Custom sticker crafts offer numerous benefits. They ignite creativity, enhance developmental skills, and spark your child’s imagination. Plus, stickers have many applications. You and your child will feel proud after producing your first set of stickers.

Eager to showcase your little masterpieces? Share your creations online and inspire other mums who want to get creative with their kids. Who knows, your sticker craft might be the next sensation!

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