Custom Home Choice: How to Decide Between a One or Two-Story Home


After having decided to build a new home, this decision welcomes a torrent of other decisions which you may, in the end, find overwhelming. In most cases, the decision as to the structure of the home should come first after you have agreed on building a custom home from the ground up.

When it comes to building custom homes, one of the biggest advantages you are exposed to is the ability to make several customizable design changes to suit your needs and preferences. Working with a builder with experience and expertise can also influence the final decision, ensuring that you make the best decisions for yourself taking into consideration all possible factors.

Once you have decided the best custom home builder to work with, the next best question is whether or not you are interested in one story or two story building. While both options are attractive and offer several advantages, there is the need to understand that there are pros and cons to be considered when choosing the best design for your custom home building project.

Below are some of the recommended considerations to put in focus when choosing between one story and two story custom homes.

Your Town and Neighborhood

One of the very first considerations to put in perspective when choosing between one story and two story building is the future expectations of the neighborhood and town in which the lot is located. Perfectly understanding the existing homes in the area, and considering the future can help you make the best decisions. Take a careful look at the local real estate and ensure that your home is kept as competitive as it can be thereby making it a good investment for the future.

If your neighborhood is populated by growing families, choosing a two-story property may be a great idea as it gives your property an additional appeal in the event you choose to sell it in future.

Family Needs

Choosing a custom home means you want the best for your family in terms of space, installations, and designs. However, as part of the major considerations with regards to design comes to your family and priorities. Some of the most important priorities to consider as part of the decision on whether to choose a one-story or two-story building include;

  • Privacy: A one-story home means you will be presented with a plain and open arrangement for the living space as less area is allocated for the staircase, however, this open design means less privacy. A two-story home, however, presents more privacy which can be a great perk for teenagers. However, two-story structures are bound to limited living spaces.
  • Safety: The one-story option offers more safety advantages for family members compared to the two-story structures. For families with infants and toddlers, a two-story structure presents more danger especially the staircases. A one-story structure is however more kid-friendly.
  • Noise: A one-story home offers more sound control as less noise is carried around the house. However, the same cannot be said for a two-story structure as chances of the pitter-patter of feet creating noises across the home is higher especially in areas such as the living room. Additionally, the stairs may contribute to the noise in the home, especially in the night time.
  • Outdoors: For people who love the outdoor space and would rather enjoy their time outside with family and friends, then a two-story structure may be the best idea as it allows for proper space management. The two-story also offers a view of the outdoor and yard which may be a great addition to evenings.
  • Longevity: Most people who choose to build a custom home are highly likely to stick around for a long time and this means looking into the family’s future and making design decisions based on this. For a growing family, a single story building may seem great in the short run but a two-story building will work better for long-run considerations.


Financial Considerations

After catering for the needs of your family, there is also the need to consider the financial aspect of the decision making the process. In considering the financial aspect, the following are the important areas of interest.

The Build:

Two story homes present a lesser cost considering the fact that lesser excavations are needed. In addition, two-story structured require lesser roofing thus saving cost on roofing materials. However, due to the spread of the one-story building, more roofing material are needed to cover the entirety of the home. Additionally, the one-story structure takes lesser time to completion.


Weather consideration and how it affects the home should also be taken into consideration. Heating and cooling a one-story home costs more compared to a two-story home, especially in regions with extreme temperature conditions.

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