Creating A Family Garden: Turn Your Log Cabin Into An Ultimate Child-Friendly Oasis


One in three kids spends less than 30 minutes outside every day. Not to mention, 50% of children under the age of 12 spend less than 12.6 minutes on vigorous outdoor activity per day, according to the Seattle Children’s Research Institute. So, why is that? Blame it on the limited outdoor space in urban cities, dependency on gadgets, and the family’s attitudes towards outdoor activity. That is where log cabins come in.

Encourage a Love of the Outdoors

Aside from fresh air and sensory, countless studies show the benefits of outdoor play in the garden that children may be missing out. In fact, being outside helps boost levels of vitamin D and even develops greater motor skills. As far as outdoor activities go, garden log cabins provide plenty of opportunities for youngsters to thrive and develop – especially when they have a special place of their own. 

Building the Great Escape

An estimated 6.4 million children under the age of seventeen have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), according to the CDC. However, studies show that green outdoor settings can help reduce the symptoms and promote independence in children. Not to mention, giving children a space of their own allows them to play outside and find refuge in their log cabins. It can be a place for them to play with their friends, have time for themselves, and build personal hobbies. Not only will log cabin home kits make construction easy but also allow your children to add their input to the design and decoration.

Creating the Perfect Space

Imagine how a wooden log cabin will look surrounded by a stunning garden oasis. Not to mention, seeing your children spend their days chasing butterflies, digging dirt, and help you water the plants. So how can they still enjoy the great outdoors even when the temperature is less desirable? Create a space that allows your log cabins to be used in a variety of ways, including the following:

  • Entertainment room
  • Art workshop
  • Outdoor toy storage
  • Indoor camping
  • Hobby station
  • Outdoor Movie Spot

Finally, creating a family garden oasis with a log cabin will invite bonding time with your child. You can start hobbies, build strong bonds, and create memories from your experiences together outside. Whether children prefer to play in the garden or not, having a special place in your log cabin can set the perfect tone for development, creativity, and relaxation as you enjoy every moment along the way.

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