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Children need their own personal space in which to play and relax as much as adults do. However, often a child’s bedroom is too small to accommodate much in the way of games, instead being crammed with a bed, wardrobe, bookcase and computer desk. A generation ago, children did not need their own computer desk, but now it is essential if a child is to do well in computing classes. Fortunately, there are several ways in which you can maximize the space that is available in your child’s bedroom.


The most important change you can make is to replace a traditional single bed with one that has some functional storage. In a small room, the bed takes up a large percentage of available floor space, so making better use of the bed space will solve most space issues.


There are two approaches to improving bed space. The first is to just install a high rise bunk bed that is open below. This is excellent for a small room where the child needs additional floor space on which to play. Boys especially love being able to sleep up higher while having their own den below. The area beneath a bed can comfortably store a chest of drawers and a beanbag while still providing more floor space.


If total floor space is less of an issue, then a children’s storage bed is a great option. These beds are also raised higher off the ground and provide deep cupboards or shelves below the bed that are much better for storage than simply shoving items under a standard single bed.


There are also stylish storage beds with desks that slide out. These allow children to have their own quiet space in which to work without compromising valuable floor space.


Bunk beds should always be considered when there are two or more children in the home. Even if each child has their own bedroom, converting one bedroom for sleeping with a bunk bed allows the other room to be used solely as a playroom. Many parents feel that each child should have their own bedroom, but many are happier to sleep in the same room as their brother or sister and would prefer a larger playroom given the chance.


Stackable storage boxes provide a very inexpensive way to increase storage space. Children tend to accumulate a lot of toys during their infancy and then start to discard most as they grow older, so it does not always make sense to invest in huge cabinets and shelving units for young children.


Increasing storage space is a great way to help keep the bedroom space organized and tidy, and this provides a couple of important benefits. First, the child will have more space in which to play, and second, the room will be much tidier and safer. Many accidents occur when toys are trodden on, especially in the dark. More storage space makes a room safer.


There are many ways to increase space in a child’s bedroom, but the most effective way will always be to raise the mattress higher and utilize the space underneath.

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