Coffee Tables Put Your Personality In The Spotlight


What does your coffee table say about you? A whole lot, it turns out. Your coffee table is the highlight of your living room, for better or worse. It’s where you relax, where you entertain, and sometimes where you eat with your favorite TV show playing. Your coffee table reveals your true personality, whether you want it to or not, from the clutter to the coffee table books. Take a look at your coffee table right now. Does the description match your personality?

The table that’s covered in books

Obviously, you’re a reader, but books aren’t just a pastime in your life, they’re a passion. You’ve got the latest bestsellers, all-time favorites, and beloved classics. It’s always easy to start up a conversation when you have guests over who share your interests.

The table that’s covered in clutter

You may not be the most organized person in the world, but that’s just because you’re busy enjoying yourself. Who’s got time to sort through the mail when you’re so busy having fun? You’ve got a full social calendar and a work life that keeps you on the go.

The table that’s immaculate

You’re a minimalist and you’re sensitive to your environment. When your space is in chaos, it affects you. You exert control over your life by controlling your surroundings. It also may also mean you love calm and quiet, as well as simple beauty.

It’s not just what you have on your coffee table that speaks to your personality, it’s also the coffee table itself.

Drawers fit a busy family

You probably lead a busy life if you’ve invested in a coffee table with lots of doors. Maybe it’s kids, maybe it’s just your job, but drawers in a coffee table make it easy to store all the stuff that seems to accumulate in the living room. It may not be the best habit, but it sure is easy to cram everything away under the coffee table.

Solid wood for the homebody

There’s something remarkably warm and reassuring about solid wood. This is a great table for those who love their trinkets, candles, and other warm household effects. Wood is also a great look for the bohemian who wants that found-it-at-a-flea market look.

Chic metal-top coffee tables

You’re definitely into modern art and there are probably art books on your coffee table right now. Metal is chic and urban, but it’s also not the best metal for families, so if you have kids, think again when it comes to a metal coffee table. You’ll thank yourself when you catch them jumping off the sofa on a rainy day.

If what you see isn’t what you were hoping for, maybe it’s time to start looking at new coffee tables that will better reflect who you are. There are tons of options and you shouldn’t have a hard time finding something that fits your lifestyle. Whether you want extra storage, rustic solid wood, or the sleek lines of metal and glass, the perfect coffee table for you is out there.

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