Clear Braces for Kids: What to Expect


Did you know that less than 40% of adults have properly aligned teeth in the United States?

Getting braces at a young age can help your child’s teeth develop properly and prevent future issues.

If you are seeing signs that your child needs braces, you should consider getting them clear ones.

Continue reading to discover everything you need to know about clear braces for kids! 

Signs Your Child Needs Braces

Before getting clear braces for kids, it is important to understand the signs of needing them.

The most obvious signs that you will need to get your child teeth braces is if they have crooked or overcrowded teeth. If it is difficult for them to floss between each tooth, they might be overcrowded. You can also identify a need for braces by observing overbites. 

Some kids struggle to pronounce certain sounds if their teeth are not properly aligned. You should ask your child if they have any discomfort or if something feels off, especially around their jaw. 

Get Their Teeth Checked Early

When it comes to learning more info about the need for braces, you should consider taking your child in to see the orthodontist.

By about age 7, you should make an appointment and have their teeth checked. Getting your child in to see the orthodontist at this age can help catch issues before they get worse and improve the results. 

Most children get braces around ages 9 to 14. At this point, they should have lost their baby teeth. Once the adult teeth are in, it is easier to see where the problems lie and if they actually need braces. 

You Won’t Need a Referral

Many people looking for braces for kids near me tend to worry about the need for referrals.

The good news is that you won’t have to get a referral from a dentist or doctor to see an orthodontist. If you feel that your child needs braces, you can look up the best options around you and quickly set an appointment. Depending on if the office has a waiting list or not, your child should be able to get in for their appointment. 

Even if you are unsure if your child needs braces, it is good to at least get their teeth checked by an orthodontist. The orthodontist will be able to see what the average person cannot because they specialize in braces. Many signs get overlooked that they will be able to identify. 

What To Expect At The First Appointment 

The first appointment at the orthodontist might be a little overwhelming to some children.

By talking to your child beforehand about what to expect, you can help ease some of their anxiety and prepare them. The first appointment will involve meeting the orthodontist and their dental team. This is important because you want to ensure that your child is comfortable working with them.

At the appointment, the orthodontist will examine their teeth, jaw, and mouth. Your child will need to do several bite tests and will be asked questions about their chewing, swallowing, or if they hear noises from their jaw. 

Another aspect to expect at the first appointment is x-rays. The x-rays will help give a better image of how teeth are growing in and where adult teeth still need to grow. 

There are Several Options 

After the first appointment, the orthodontist will want to sit down with you and your child to discuss the results.

If the orthodontist sees a need for braces, they will review the various options. Traditional, ceramic, and lingual braces can all be used. One of the most popular options, however, is clear braces. 

Clear braces are highly recommended. This is because they work effectively and aren’t as noticeable when your child smiles. 

Cost Of Braces for Kids

Knowing what type of braces you want to get your child will help determine how much you will need to pay.

Most braces treatments cost between $3,000 and $6,000, depending on how much help is needed. Your insurance company might pay for a portion of this but be expected to pay a lot of the costs from out-of-pocket. 

Many orthodontist offices will work with families and get them on a payment plan. The payment plans help make the cost more manageable and less overwhelming. 

Braces Require Constant Care

If you want to help improve your child’s smile, you must help teach them about maintaining their dental hygiene and avoiding certain foods. 

Although it will become more difficult to brush and floss, your child will still need to do it daily. Many people recommend getting water picks that help gets rid of food and plaque in between teeth since floss will be difficult to use. Your child will also need to get routine check-ups and cleanings to avoid cavities. 

While wearing braces, your child won’t be able to eat sticky or hard foods. Popcorn, gum, and candies should be avoided. Eating these foods can damage the braces and extend treatment. 

Their Teeth After Braces

When the time comes and the orthodontist is satisfied with the alignment of teeth, they will remove the braces.

This will likely feel strange to your child after they are removed because they got so used to having braces in their mouth. The removal procedure typically takes about an hour. 

After getting the braces removed, your child will likely have to wear a retainer at night or during the day. This will help ensure that the teeth don’t try to move back to their old positions. Your child will also need to brush and floss regularly to avoid other dental issues. 

Get Your Child’s Teeth Straight With Clear Braces for Kids 

If you want to help your child, one of the best ways to do so is with clear braces for kids. 

Teeth that become unaligned can be uncomfortable to deal with and might lead to future issues. By utilizing this guide, you can understand everything you need to know about braces and how they can help your child. Although braces are a large commitment, the results are worth the money and time spent at the dental office. 

Don’t be afraid to talk to an orthodontist about your child’s dental needs so that they can feel confident to smile. 

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about dental hygiene and braces for children!

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