Christmas is Coming: What Would Your Teachers Really Love This Season


Teachers are very crucial people in our communities. They work very hard to educate us and they deserve to be appreciated during Christmas season. Their work involves lecturing, inspiring, mentoring and coaching students, this should not go unnoticed. There is a large choice of gifts for teachers, from traditional to modern. Match your gift to your teacher’s personality and style!

Levitating Globe

The levitating globe is the perfect decor for desktops in offices, homes or classrooms. It is a great gift that your teacher either male or female will enjoy.

Hot Air Stirling Engine Model

Created by Stirling tech online,this little top is the perfect gift for your male teacher. It sits perfectly in an office and is quite easy to operate. The engine is also fairly priced and runs on cold or warm water.

Good Day, Bad Day 11-Ounce Rocks Glass

This is the gift for those who enjoy a good drink. The glass is marked thrice indicating the different drink levels. It is made of heavy duty glass and can hold up to 11oz.

Solar System Crystal Ball by Ralvox

This crystal ball emulates the solar system in an elegant way with seven colours. It is the perfect gift for your physics or science teacher. This little gift is a great decor piece for the bedroom or office desktop.

Teachers Can’t Live on Apples Alone- Etched Wine Glass

This 4-inch heavy duty wine glass is a funny yet appropriate gift for your teacher or university professor. The wordings on the glasses are etched with laser technology. This beautiful piece gets your teacher smiling.

Thank You Coin and Card

Give your teacher something special and different from the usual coffee mugs this Christmas. This gift set contains five thank you cards and coins with words stating how teachers impact the world. E.g. Teachers build the future. Warm up your teacher’s’ heart with these inspiring pieces.

Big Heart to Teach Little Minds – Hand Stamped Necklace

The words on this gift will definitely put a smile on your teacher’s face. This little token of appreciation wraps it all up in a few words. What better way to motivate and appreciate our teachers than with the words ‘It takes a big heart to teach little minds’ etched onto a necklace? This gift is perfect for female instructors and teachers.

Teacher Notebook – Journal – Planner: An Awesome Teacher Is

This notebook has the most inspiring words to let your teacher know they are greatly appreciated. It comes with 100 pages he/she can fill up. Let your teacher know how much they mean to you with this little inspirational gift.

Colored Note Flag & Sticky Note Organizer

This gift is great as it comes with a motivational quote and will help your teacher get organised. The gift set is a unique bundle to inspire and appreciate your teacher, it will work perfectly as a Christmas gift.

This Teacher Has Awesome Students – Coffee Mug

From time immemorial, coffee mugs have been the ideal gift for any situation. Why not get your teacher this great and funny masterpiece for Christmas?

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