The Family Garden – How Can I Keep it Safe for Everyone?


A well-kept garden is something everyone can enjoy, all year round. Whether it’s planting those bulbs and seeds in the springtime, long Summer evenings with BBQs and friends, Autumn with leaf and puddle jumping, or snowman building competitions in the Winter! It’s true that the garden really is a wonderful place for the family to make memories.

But if your family comprises of little ones or even relatives that might not be as steady on their feet as they used to be, it might be worth investing in some safeguarding equipment or even signs to help remind your family to stay safe. For a quick look at some signage ideas click here.  

Secure all your gates and fences

Children are naturally curious and can achieve a lot in the short space of time it takes you to make a cup of tea. If your garden is hedged, make sure all gaps are sealed, especially if you live near a road. If your hedge doesn’t touch the ground, the simple application of chicken wire or a low level trellis will seal off any areas. Similarly, lock your gate and check that walls are secure. The gate latch is self-explanatory, but older walls can crumble away or have loose bricks sitting high.

Protect against trips and falls

If you have climbing equipment, swings, slides, or any type of garden toy requiring assembly, ensure it’s put together according to the manufacturer’s instructions, in addition, never lean these items against walls, fences, or large bushes and invest in a play surface to reduce the risk of dangerous slips, trips, and falls.

Ensure paving is replaced as soon as cracks appear, and regularly check paving stones to make sure they haven’t come loose. Finally, consider replacing gravel with a solid surface. Smaller children can choke on gravel or think it fun to insert it in their ears and nose. Older children will throw gravel around, resulting in injury.

Be water smart

It seems obvious to say that swimming pools should be fenced and gates should be latched at all times, but there are a host of other water-related hazards that can prove too tempting for little ones. Ponds may make a beautiful feature but erect a fence or cover them with netting.

Even leaving an empty paddling pool outside can be dangerous. Britain isn’t adverse to a summer shower and there have been cases of incidents involving paddling pools filled with rainwater.

The barbecue

As I mentioned before, nothing is better than a summer barbecue with friends and family, but these also present a number of risks. It should go without saying that barbecues get hot and children should play as far away from them as possible. However, barbecue cutlery such as knives, forks, and tongs can also become hazardous in the wrong hands.

Finally, use plastic glasses and paper plates where necessary. If you’re using outdoor heating once your barbecue is over, keep children away from it.

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