Chilling Out: How to Keep Your House Cool


Is your house always warm? Do you wish you could have some simple way of bringing the temperature down?

We are all different, and all have a different interpretation of what room temperature should be. Well, help is at hand because it is possible to quickly and simply adjust the temperature of your house, not just as a whole, but down to individual rooms.

Keep reading for the best tips on how to keep your house cool no matter what the season.

1. Close Your Doors

If you have rooms in your house that are not used, or at least not used during the day then make sure you keep them closed. By closing doors, you are reducing the amount of space the cool air needs to fill and will find the general temperature of your home will feel that much more amiable.

2. Turn to the Grill

When thinking about how to keep your house cool, many people will think about what they can do to bring cool air in, but keeping warm air out is just as important.

If you have a grill, try cooking on that as much as possible, because using your oven or stove will raise the temperature of your kitchen more than you might expect.

3. Invest in an Air Conditioning Unit

Of course, if you really want a nice cool room then investing in something like a bed air conditioner could be exactly what you need to get a good deep night of sleep regardless of the temperature outside.

Not every budget can stretch to include an AC unit, but this next tip is one that can still give you a cool bedroom without breaking the bank.

4. Run Your Ceiling Fans Counter-Clockwise

It’s a little known fact that tweaking your ceiling fans to run counter-clockwise can actually create a more cooling breeze as opposed to a clockwise rotation which spreads warmth around.

It’s a cheeky little cool room hack that can really help you understand how to keep your cool. Try it with your bedroom fan for a nice cool night’s rest

5. Crack Open Your Windows During the Night

The outside temperature will drop at night, so for those looking for a cooler house temperature, a great idea is to open the windows once the sun goes down.

The cool night air will blow through the house not only keeping it cool all night long but making sure that when you wake up to another scorching summer day, your house will be cool enough to cope with it. 

No More Wondering How to Keep Your House Cool

With your house cool down to an acceptable level, and each room the perfect temperate for you, it’s time to move away from thinking about how to keep your house cool and start thinking about all of the other ways you can improve your home and quality of life within it.

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