Child Hurt In a Wreck: Getting a Car Accident Settlement for a Child


Few things can be more disconcerting than seeing your child get injured in an accident. If the child has sustained a significant medical injury, then it falls to you to do everything in your power to ensure that the child receives compensation for the damages that he or she has suffered. 

The legal waters are murky when it comes to car accident settlements, and are even more so when you’re talking about a car accident settlement for a child. To help clear things up, we’ve written this article.

In this post, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the process of getting compensation for a child in a car accident. 

Get Legal Help So You Can Focus on Your Child

The first thing that you need to remember is that your focus should be on your child and ensuring that your child is able to recuperate. But at the same time, legal proceedings need to move forward so that you can maximize the settlement that your child will receive. 

To make both of those things happen at once, make sure that you hire the right law firm. The right attorney will be able to take care of the legal side of things, leaving you to focus on your child’s health. Visit to find a lawyer that fits your needs today.

Document Everything

The next step is to start documenting everything. Any legal proceedings will require evidence. Document that evidence by taking pictures of injuries. Get bystanders who saw the accident to be eyewitnesses as to what happened.

Keep records of any medical builds, trauma therapy, or any other costs associated with treatment for conditions resultant from the accident. These costs will be a big part of the damages that you request when you file the lawsuit.

File a Lawsuit

When you file a lawsuit, you should be prepared to wait it out. As a general rule of thumb, legal proceedings can take months or even years to finalize. At the end of the day, what you want is for your child to receive compensation.

This typically happens with an out of court settlement when you’re dealing with a car accident involving a child. When the settlement goes through, the money that is received from the settlement is typically held in a restricted bank account. This fund matures when the child comes of age, and he or she will be able to use it then. 

In some cases, parents may also have power of attorney over the funds so that they can use those funds for the child’s upbringing.

How to Get a Car Accident Settlement for a Child

There you have it. With this guide under your belt, you should now be far better equipped to get a good car accident settlement for a child who has been hurt in an accident.

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