4 Compelling Reasons to Hire a Premises Liability Lawyer


Are you debating whether or not to hire a premises liability lawyer?

If you’re in this situation, there’s a good chance you recently injured yourself when you were on someone’s property. Perhaps you slipped and fell when out shopping in the mall.

There’s also a good chance the owner or management of the premises is liable for your injuries and other losses.

Should you hire a premises liability lawyer to help you handle the case or you can do it on your own?

Well, we suggest you hire an attorney, and here are compelling reasons why.

1. Establish Whether the Premises Owner Bears Liability

Premises liability laws vary from state to state, but the short of it is property owners are legally required to maintain a safe environment for everyone coming into the property. Business owners, for instance, have to ensure the premises are safe for customers, workers, and anyone else who visits the establishment.

However, this doesn’t always mean the premises owner is at fault when someone sustains an injury on the property. Sometimes, especially if the injured person acted negligently or ignore instructions, the premises owner might not be held liable.

When you have been injured on someone’s premises, a premises liability attorney will assess your claim and establish whether the owner bears liability. If they don’t, the lawyer might advise you to drop your lawsuit plans since you will likely lose the case.

2. Evidence Collection

Winning a premises liability case isn’t as simple as filing a lawsuit against the owner of the premises on which you were injured. You carry the burden of proof, which means you’ll have to show a court of law that the defendant’s negligence led to your injuries.

To do this, you need solid evidence.

Don’t assume that the photos and videos you took the scene are enough. You need a premises liability attorney to collect evidence, including expert witness testimony, that can help you win the case.

3. The Other Party Has Their Own Lawyer

A premises owner isn’t going to sit idle waiting for you to press charges against them, especially if they believe they didn’t act negligently. If it’s a big business, they probably have a premises liability lawyer on retainer, ready to defend them when a case arises.

So, if the person or organization you’re accusing already has a lawyer, why would you want to head into the battle on your own? Hire a lawyer as soon as possible.

4. Negotiating a Settlement

Premises liability cases typically crumble down to this: a settlement.

If the premises owner admits liability or is found liable by a court, they will give you monetary compensation. The court might determine the compensation amount but often the parties will be asked to negotiate and agree.

You need a premises liability lawyer to represent you in the negotiations, ensuring you end up with a fair payment.

It’s Vital That You Hire a Premises Liability Lawyer

When you’ve been injured on someone’s property, you might have a case against them. However, you won’t win the case on your own. With a premises liability lawyer on your team, you stand a good chance of winning the case and securing adequate compensation.

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