Checklist on How to Find a Perfect Apartment That Fits Your Lifestyle and Budget


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If you’re looking for a perfect apartment to rent, it’s important to have a specific set of criteria. That will make it easier for you to find it, so rather than looking at all ads, be sure to write down everything that matters to you when it comes to renting a property. If this seems like too much work, no worries because we prepared the ultimate checklist that will help you as you search. Here are some crucial things that you should be aware of that will help you find a place that fits your budget and lifestyle.

Don’t rely on online renting 

This might seem practical, but in reality, it can be trickier than you think. First, many online listings can contain old pictures, which is why it’s essential to go there in person. Seeing the apartment in person will help you determine whether it’ll work for you. Once you step into the space, you’ll be aware of the size and the layout. Walking through the rooms will also help you whether all your furniture such as bed, fridge and carpets will fit in properly. In case you’re unable to go in person, then it’s advisable to find someone reliable to go and do that instead of you. 

Create your own must-have list 

Before you settle for an apartment, it’s essential to have a set of criteria. A list of desirable and necessary amenities will help you weed out unsuitable apartments. Some basic stuff such as running hot water, functional plumbing, and wiring are all a must, and you shouldn’t settle for less. On the other hand, if you find a perfect space that is furniture-free, that might be overlooked, especially if the location works for you. Additionally, if you have a pet, or you plan on getting one, make sure that the apartment (and the building) have a favorable pet policy. 

Location is the key

Renting a place in Brooklyn, New York, and in a small Texas town isn’t the same, and shouldn’t be treated that way. Prices may vary, even if you are renting in the same town, due to different neighborhoods and infrastructure. Due to rising living costs on both the East and West coast, nowadays, more and more Americans are moving to Texas. So, it’s no surprise to learn that Lubbock apartments demand has been pretty high. This place is cemented in pop culture forever, as it’s the birthplace of rock’n’roll icon Buddy Holly. Aside from that, it also has a lot of amenities that make it a pleasant and vibrant place. Make sure to always choose a location that works for you, especially if you have to commute to work, or have school-aged children. 

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Consider a roommate 

If you’re on a budget, then consider moving in with a roommate. Living solo is great if you’re looking to be more independent and private, but if you’re struggling with money, a roommate might be a great fit. As long as you find someone you get along with, you’ll be able to enjoy living together with them. However, be sure to discuss all the important things up front, and to ensure they’ll pay their share of rent and bills on time. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to live with your best friend, but it’s important to find a person that will be a good match for you when it comes to lifestyle, habits, and values.

Pay attention to the neighborhood 

Location and neighborhood aren’t necessarily the same thing. Hence, your choice of neighborhood matters equally to the choice of location. If possible, try doing your own research regarding the crime rates, environment, and traffic, so you can be one hundred percent sure that the neighborhood is safe. If the rent is too low, that might be a sign that something’s off. Also, be sure to talk to potential immediate neighbors, the ones you’ll share the building with, in order to start on the right foot. Making a good first impression can be of huge help when moving into a new apartment. 

Ensure that the lease is legitimate

Signing the lease is a serious step that requires you to be careful. Hence, it’s recommended you take the document to the realtor or a lawyer to go through it. The lease has to have all the important stipulations such as deposit, rent due date, and of course, the duration of the lease. Also, it has to state all your responsibilities and rights as a renter, as well as the responsibilities of your landlord. 

These are important things that you should be aware of when looking for your perfect apartments. Finding an apartment is a great achievement, and this checklist will make sure that everything is in accordance with your lifestyle, and your budget.

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