10 Reasons to Introduce Fountains and Other Water Features Into Your Garden


There is one reason everybody seems to veer to when thinking about installing a fountain or another water feature into their garden – market value increase. And while it’s a good reason, we’ve decided to put together a list of 10 more good reasons you should consider introducing something like this to your garden. So, if you saw some fantastic water fountains over at SoothingCompany.com, read ahead and learn how it can improve your garden.


Water Features Are Low Maintenance

The maintenance on water features like fountains or ponds isn’t expensive, but it does need to be done regularly. If you plan to keep fish or plants in there, the water needs to be cleaned of all the algae and changed. However, this is not a challenging task or one that will cost a lot, it’s relatively quick and easy to clean these water features out.

You Can Improve Your Garden’s Style

A good water feature can tie your garden together and allow you to build its style around the centerpiece that a fountain or pond can be. Whether you want a more modern style with sleek stone and a glass fountain or a more rustic one with more natural-looking rocks and a pond that looks natural – there’s a solution for you, and the sky’s the limit when it comes to imaginative solutions you can come up with.

Water Looks Amazing in Natural Sunlight

If you get a lot of sunny days in your area, there’s nothing that will improve your garden’s atmosphere like the rays of sun breaking over a water surface and scattering all around. If you get a fountain, not only will you get the shimmer of those rays breaking, but also an occasional small rainbow, and what more could you ask for?

More Garden Designs Are Available

There are no limits when it comes to your imagination in decorating your garden, and with a water feature, many options open up to you. The design will, of course, in the end, depend on your ideas and budget, but having a fountain or a pond expands the list of styles you can go for.

You Can Have a Natural Habitat for Your Fish

If you are so inclined, you can get some fish that will add to the atmosphere and give you something to look at if you are trying to relax or even meditate. The most common fish encountered in such an environment are either koi fish or goldfish, depending on the size of the body of water. It should be noted that fish out in the open don’t combine well with other pets, like cats, so you should probably keep that in mind as well.

Pond Plants Can Be Added

When we’re already on the topic of life in the water, you can also add various marine plant life to your pond or fountain. What’s even better, pond plants are very affordable and require little to no maintenance to thrive and grow. The only thing you need to provide to have rich plant life in your pond is plenty of sunlight.

Water Attracts Birds to Your Yard

Is there a more beautiful alarm than the natural song and chirping of birds? Imagine being woken up with sounds of nature that you can’t help but think of as serene and calming. Having just a simple birdbath, or even a fountain or small pond will attract all sorts of birds to your garden, and aside from their song, they can also be wonderful to look at.

The Garden Will Feel Cooler in Hot Summer Days

There’s nothing that can cool an outdoor area during a hot summer day like some running water. Just find a nice spot near your fountain, get some shade and a good book, and you’ll feel as if the heat isn’t even there.

Water Will Make the Yard Look More Open and Bigger

The reflections on a body of water tend to make places look more spacious, and that goes for your garden or backyard as well. Simply having a body of water in there will make your space feel more open and accessible. If you want to maximize that effect, consider getting some underwater lighting or lighting of any kind that will give the same effect even when the sun is down.

Nothing Compares to the Soothing Sound of Running Water

There genuinely are little things that can be more calming than the sound of running water when you are trying to relax on your day off. Plop down a grill next to your fountain, or simply take a nap in the garden, and you won’t be sorry that you invested in this water feature.

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