Car Maintenance: 7 Essentials One Should Not Avoid



Car maintenance is a must if you want your car to have a longer shelf life. I think most car owners know that( at least intellectually). The problem is that many get mixed signals about the type of maintenance they need to do. Everyone has an opinion, but are these opinions correct?

Below you will find a list of seven maintenance tips your car does have to have(according to most experts).


You need to have car insurance if you are going to drive. First of all, it is illegal to drive without it. Secondly, and, equally as important, it helps to take care of any issues that might come up.

Say, you get in an accident, and you do not have car insurance. You could wind up in a lot of trouble(from a legal standpoint). Plus, you will be responsible for all costs, including any costs that the other party has. That is why you need to have insurance. It will protect you in good times and bad.

2)The Tires

Do you know how to inspect your tires for tread and wear? You might want to start. Knowing how to maintain your car pressure will reduce the chances of your tire blowing out(especially on the road).

Maintaining your tire pressure will also reduce the chances of cracking and leaks. You will need to inflate and deflate your tires according to the PSI gauge. Having too little pressure can result in a blowout(or other things) while having too much pressure can add imbalance to the car. The imbalance will increase the chances of tread happening.

You also need to switch out your tires every so often. Rotate and replace as needed.

3)Oil Change

Your engine needs oil to run. No oil? Your car is not going to run. Your car will most likely have a breakdown even if it does. You should check the oil every month. It depends on how often you run your car. You should also change your oil based on your owner’s manual.

They include the owner’s manual for a reason. Some of you might want to change the oil yourself. 

You also should be aware of the type of oil your car takes. You cannot just put any il in the tube. Does your car take non-synthetic oil? Then you cannot use synthetic oil. We have seen what happens when you use the wrong type of oil. It does not end well.

You could also take it to a mechanic you trust. That is the preferred option unless you really know what you are doing. Make sure you know which type of oil your mechanic is using. You also want to make sure it is the new oil. Some mechanics will use recycled and oil to cut corners. They will be lazy and charge you for brand new oil. Always question what your mechanic is doing, even if you do trust him or her.

4)More FLuids

Fluids are what keeps your car running well. That means you have to check your fluid levels regularly. The fluids you should be looking at include, the coolant, brake fluids, power steering fluids, and the transmission.

One fluid affects all the others. Not changing one fluid is going to impact everything else. That impact could come when you least expect it(like on the road).

Check for leaks too. One small leak will impact the rest of your vehicle, even if it does not happen right away.

5)Lights, Camera, Action

This is not meant to be taken literally. However, having working lights is a necessary part of your car maintenance. What happens when one light goes out? You could be driving on the road late at night when it happens. No one is going to see you coming.

6)The Air Filter

When was the last time you checked your air filter? You might need to consider doing something if it has been more than a few months. A dirty filter is going to clog everything up. The dirt and grim will get into the engine and affect how it runs.

You also might want to have your brakes checked too. They might be getting lower than you think. Having workable brakes is part of a regular inspection. Most states will not pass your car unless your brakes and brake pads are in good shape.

7)One Final Tip

Check your hoses and belts while you are at it. One missing hose can cause your engine to shut down.

Say, for example, your serpentine belt breaks while you are driving. We have had that a few times. The system in your car is going to fail. The car will shut off. To learn some basic information about the serpentine belt, you can click

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