How Sustainable Shopping Focuses on Quality Over Quantity


As a busy mom who cares deeply about the environment, you try to “think green” as often as you can — both in regards to the Earth and your money. Nothing drives you crazier than spending some of your hard-earned cash on some cheaply made product that wears out right away and ends up in the landfill. Instead, you would prefer to make investments in longer-lasting, higher-quality products that might cost a bit more upfront, but will not be thrown away after a month or two.

Thankfully, a number of retailers feel the same way you do and are producing products that focus on quality over quantity. Check out some of these sustainable investments:

Mobile Processors Built to Last

While you are definitely not one to stand in line for hours to get the latest and greatest smartphone — and trading in your year-old model in the process — you still need a high-quality phone for personal use and work. Thanks to innovative mobile processors from companies like Qualcomm, your smartphone will not quickly become obsolete and break down. The Qualcomm Snapdragon mobile platform includes a super fast processor that features numerous benefits like fast charging and long battery life. These mobile processors can also transform your smartphone into a personal assistant, capable of learning and adapt to your voice.

Electric Cars

You can definitely be the most eco-friendly mom in the parent pickup line by investing in an electric vehicle. These plug-in vehicles are fun and practical and are designed to last. Also, because electric motors are built to react very quickly, electric vehicles (EVs) have great torque and are very responsive, making them an ideal choice for when you are chauffeuring your kids all over town in heavy traffic. Like your smartphone, you can plug in your EV in the evening and it will be ready to go the next morning. By reducing your personal level of vehicle emissions and relying on electricity instead of costly fossil fuel, driving an EV is a green and financially sensible choice.

Slow Fashion

If you are unfamiliar with this term, “slow fashion” refers to quality clothing that is super durable. Instead of cheap and essentially disposable clothing that you replace every season with something new, slow fashion products are classic instead of trendy and will look as good in the spring as in the winter. Clothing designers who focus on creating slow fashion garments are pretty much ignoring the traditional clothing retail schedules to design shoes, coats, pants, and tops that are made to last. These “seasonless basics” are the opposite of the throwaway clothing culture that says we must update our wardrobes on a regular basis.

Kitchen Appliances

If you enjoy cooking, you are probably well aware of the huge range of price points for appliances. But if your fridge breaks down, paying the higher price for an energy efficient unit that has earned high ratings is a better option than choosing a budget-friendly model that may break again in a few years. The same is true for the gadgets you use to cook your meals — sure, you can find a cheap hand mixer at a big box store for maybe $20 or so, but it might conk out while trying to mix a heavy cookie dough. Instead, consider investing in a KitchenAid Stand-Up mixer; it may set you back $250 or more, but you will enjoy using it for decades, and will probably be able to hand it down to your grandchildren someday.

When it comes to buying sustainable products, the expression “you get what you pay for” is extremely true. You can buy cheap and cheaply-made goods that will quickly end up in the dump, or you can invest in high-quality, more expensive items that will last for years to come. For smart moms like you who care about the environment, the latter choice is the way to go.

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