Can You Replace Your Multivitamin with a Hair Growth Supplement?


If you suffer from hair loss, you may have considered swapping your multivitamin out with hair growth pills for men. However, before you make that switch, you must consider the benefits of each supplement and what they are designed to do. This will help you decide whether replacing your daily multi with a hair growth supplement is a good idea.

New Research on Multivitamins

While millions of people have taken multivitamins every day for decades, a growing body of research suggests this may not be necessary. A balanced diet often supplies the vitamins and minerals needed for proper bodily functioning. However, that does not consider individual dietary preferences and conditions that inhibit the absorption of some substances. That is why you should evaluate your body’s needs and nutritional intake before you decide to ditch a daily vitamin. 

Iron Dosages

Unless your daily multivitamin specifically includes iron, you may not get enough of this vital nutrient. That’s a problem if you are experiencing hair loss. 

When you look at what causes hair loss, you may be surprised to learn that anemia is on the list. Fortunately, this is generally reversible with proper supplementation. Be sure to look for iron content when choosing a vitamin to ensure you get the recommended daily allowance. 

Daily Dose of Vitamin C

You may think of vitamin C as something to reach for during cold season, but it also plays a vital role in hair health. One of the most important is its ability to boost your body’s ability to absorb iron. 

Something to remember when choosing a supplement is that humans cannot synthesize vitamin C.  Therefore, it must be obtained through a nutrient-dense diet or with supplementation. Therefore, if you elect to replace your multivitamin with a hair-specific one, be sure it includes an appropriate amount of vitamin C. 

Vitamin A Daily Allowance

Vitamin A is crucial for hair health. It supports sebum production, nourishing and moisturizing the scalp, resulting in healthy hair follicles. If you aren’t getting enough of this important nutrient, you may notice symptoms such as a dry scalp and brittle hair. 

When shopping for vitamins, remember that bigger is not always better. This is definitely the case with vitamin A since too much of it can contribute to hair loss. If your diet does not include enough vitamin A, look for a supplement that meets your nutritional needs without overwhelming your system. 

Trace Minerals for Hair Growth

In addition to standard vitamins and minerals, many supplements provide sufficient amounts of trace minerals. Iron is usually the best-known of these, but zinc and selenium are also necessary. These support a healthy scalp and may bolster hair growth, so any supplements you take should provide a full complement of trace minerals.  

Many people rely on multivitamins to bridge gaps in nutrition. If you have a poor diet, this could be an excellent way to ensure you get a full dose of the necessary vitamins and minerals. However, a multivitamin does not address specific deficiencies contributing to poor hair health. Luckily, hair-specific supplements and hair growth serum can help fill the gaps without interfering with your daily multivitamin. 

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