9 Wine Pairings Perfect for Moms


You behaved yourself and skipped wine while pregnant with each child and carried on well into breastfeeding. Now, you’re out of the baby stage and into toddlerhood and beyond. Your current energy levels and amount of free time make your pre-children wine pairings challenging at best. Luckily, your glass of red or white still goes perfectly with mommyhood, with a few minor alterations. 

  • Moscato d’Asti and Birthday Cake 

Moscato d’Asti is a sparkling white wine. Its bubbles and sweetness are the perfect adult complement to any child’s birthday party.  You can celebrate making it through another year of motherhood while you down the boxed confetti cake you threw together this morning. 

The vanilla bean notes in this wine’s flavor profile pair nicely with any vanilla-based cake. Also, the alcohol content in a Moscato d’Asti is typically lower than other whites, so you can imbibe while having a level head for the party.   

  • Cabernet Sauvignon and Backyard Burgers

Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the most popular red wines in the world. Its grapes are incredibly versatile and adaptable to different growing conditions. The best pairing is with juicy red meats — the tannins in the wine and the fat from the beef create an explosion of flavor. 

Try it at your next backyard BBQ. You can have some with a nice tender flame-broiled steak or the charred remains of your husband’s attempt at well-done burgers for the kids — whatever’s available. 

  • Champagne and Movie Night

Traditional brut champagne is good for much more than toasting at a wedding or New Year’s Eve. Break out a bottle year-round for life’s little celebrations. While it’s often served alone or with cake, that’s not the best pairing. The flavors in champagne make it much better suited to salty foods.

Snuggle in for a movie night, celebrating the end of another crazy week of work, errands and schlepping kids to activities. Your bag of microwave popcorn will taste even more heavenly with a bubbly glass of champagne.   

  • Chardonnay and Fish Sticks 

White wines are also the perfect pairing for any fish dish. These days, it’s a lot harder to sit down to a nice meal of salmon or head out for lobster. However, it’s fair game for your kids’ favorite — fish sticks and mac n’ cheese.  

Chardonnay is one of the most popular white wines in the US. It serves as a palette cleanser in between bites. The flavor profile is a mix of light citrus and rich butteriness. You can down the last few delicious drops with the leftovers from everyone’s plate as you clean up.  

  • Merlot and Animal Crackers

The fruity richness of merlot makes it easy to pair with almost any food. You can serve yourself a glass with takeout pizza or a nice lasagna. However, it’s good for even those small, special moments alone.  

Pair a small glass of Merlot with a handful of your kids’ animal crackers. Trust us — you won’t go back to normal snacking. The simple sweetness of both, with the chocolatey notes of the wine and the spices in the cracker complement one another perfectly. 

  • Chianti and Spaghetti

One of the easiest and most foolproof ways to pair wine and food is to stick to one region or country of origin. This strategy makes Chianti an excellent option for any Italian pasta meals you’re cooking up. 

Chianti’s flavors pair well with fatty foods and highly acidic ingredients like tomato sauce, so it’s delicious with any pasta dish you desire. Whip a bottle out for your fancy shrimp alfredo on date night, or try it in a pinch with microwaved spaghetti o’s — no mom judgment here.

  • Dry Rosé and Grilled Cheese

This delightful pink wine works well with so many flavors since it has the best aspects of both reds and whites — it’s acidic yet rich and fruity. The coloring also helps you pass it off as juice if you’re trying to look less like a wino — *ahem* wine enthusiast. 

Try it with the classic staple of grilled cheese and tomato soup. The acidity of the tomatoes and the rich saltiness of the cheese pair beautifully with dry rosé. If you want to make your sandwich even fancier, add a little pizza sauce and spinach. 

  • Port and Your Hidden Stash of Chocolate

If we’re honest, every mom has a hidden stash of chocolate tucked somewhere in the house. Whether you keep yours in the box of tampons or at the back of your closet, it’s the perfect escape when you need a few minutes to get away and put your pieces back together.

Make your stolen moments especially fancy with a glass of ruby port. It’s sweet and fruity with a full body. It pairs deliciously with the sweetness of chocolate. Just take a little at a time if you’re on child duty because port tends to be stronger than your average wine. 

  • Any Wine and Cereal 

Cereal and wine may not be your first choice, and we’re not recommending starting your morning with a glass of red or anything. However, after a long day of caring for the kids, your husband, home and other responsibilities, you’re ready to crash in bed and shut out the world. 

Although, your stomach is begging for something. All you have energy for is a bowl of cereal while tucked under the covers. Surprisingly, a glass of wine can pair well with almost any cereal, especially by that point in the day. Try out some pairing for yourself and see what magic concoction you come up with. 

Wine Pairs Well With Motherhood 

Wine and motherhood pair perfectly. Your newfound creativity and present circumstances will help you invent many previously unconsidered combinations. The wine can also round out your edges after a particularly trying day, allowing you to drift off to sleep — at least until the next someone needs to go the bathroom or has a nightmare.

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1 year ago

What do you think about wine pairing for gourmet pizza, for example? I really like pizza a lot, I also love wine. But honestly, I have never had them together, so I wonder which wine is better for which pizza, thanks for any input here