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0 logoThe Calendars, from, are the best.  There is room to write in each date, and there’s even a calendar with sticky notes. 


My favorite is my new M&M Calendar.  It’s so attractive looking in my livingroom.  It adds color, and I love those little M&M guys.


Chocolate’s better with M: the M&Ms crew—Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange and Ms. Brown—that is. They’re here to spread the sweet life of chocolate, candy coating and attitude!

  • Each month features a M&M character with a quote
  • September-December 2015 overview
  • Previous and next month views
  • Observes major holidays and moon phases

The Sticky Note Calendar is so nice, as well.  It’s hanging in the Kitchen, with all of my appointments, for the month of January, marked with Sticky notes.


The ideal calendar for busy people! Using sticky notes is the intuitive way to work your schedule. When plans change, just move the note; for recurring events, write it once and use the note over and over again. Sticky notes are especially ideal for formulating plans-rearrange the notes until your plan is perfect! The calendar can be used as a regular calendar as well-just write fixed events such as birthdays and anniversaries directly on the calendar. Includes a magnetic strip for mounting on refrigerator or file cabinet. Also includes standard hang hole so you can hang it wherever is most convenient. Colorful notes make important events pop! Includes 125 Standard-size sticky notes and 50 Standard-size flags. A different beautiful design each month.

  • A beautifully designed 16 month calendar that comes with tons of event sticky notes
  • Move the notes around as plans change
  • Includes a magnetic mount for hanging on the fridge
  • Includes 125 sticky notes and 50 flags

The Phlat Ball Calendar is really nice.  You can turn the ball, to the month you need, and have it at your finger tips.  The size of the calendar is perfect.  Not too big, but big enough to read. 


This desk calendar sure is unique–its ball-shaped design is also an interactive toy and stress-reliever.  The calendar is small but captures big attention; comes with a base for when it?s time to just be a calendar. As a ball it enables viewing the entire year at-a-glance. Modeled after our internationally award-winning Phlat Ball® toy, a ball that transforms from a disc into a ball. The flattened disc shape makes this mini calendar as portable as it is fun. The time-release function allows it to fold flat then bounce up and back into a ball unexpectedly to relieve stress or interact with coworkers or kids. Great home or office gift guaranteed to entertain any age!

  • This ball is a 2016 calendar!
  • Press the ball down and wait for the delay before it pops up back into a ball
  • Comes with a stand for easy display
  • Perfect for stress release and fun at the office


You can also find the Star Wars Weekly Calendar, the Batman Calendar, the Deer Mule Calendar, and the Color Your World Calendar at great prices, at the links when you click on each Calendar name.

All of the Calendars at are amazing.


You can also save 15% on any order of $30 or more.

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