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bsvninjaBSV Toys has these amazing DoooDolls that are so cool looking.

The one to the left is the Ninja DoooDoll, and is available on BSV Toys in 2 sizes, starting at $19.99 for the 12 inch doll.  That’s an amazing price for such a cute DoooDoll.

There are so many DooDolls to choose from, you really need to go to the site to check them all out.  There’s reddish twin, sunny twin, blinky, missy micey, etc.  They all come in more than one size, and are at an excellent value. 



“A million light years away,
A group of friendly monsters came to play,
Fun and friendly they were,
Human friends they sought for sure!”



DoooDolls would make a great gift for anyone from 3-103, they are so cute and lovable.  They are also so sweet, that they are able to make anyone smile. 

Here’s some details:

Free shipping in the USA.

Available in 2 sizes.

Each plush Dooodolls comes with a mini booklet which doubles as a checklist for collection.

Made from Super Softlon materials and filled with all-new polyester fibers & plastic pellets.

Recommended for children ages 3 years and up.

They even have an email mailing list that you can get onto, if you are really into these little creatures.

They have astrological signs, an about me section, hobbies, pets, and abilities all listed in the site.



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