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I love the main bathroom in my house. A lot. Let me tell you why. I have a fancy bathtub and fancy sink and well, the toilets are just toilets. It’s hard to make a toilet fancy. I love running the water to prepare for a luxurious bath. After I run downstairs and get some bath salts. Letting the steam rise and get the bathroom nice and steamy. Then I have to run and get a couple towels and my bathrobe. Oh, and I forgot to get the shampoo and soap from the shower in my other bathroom. Oops, need to get my loofa.

Oh, you know what my bathroom doesn’t have? A linen closet or storage, at all. It’s like the bathroom was designed by Pig Pen, “The bathtub is there but no one will ever use it, so why bother with anything that would make it easy to use, like a place to put soap or towels.”

So I have an awesome tub, but nothing that would make it easy to use. Enter BrylaneHome and the Louvre Bath Collection. The Lourve Tall Cabinet and Lourve Linen Cabinet have been a lifesaver and my bathroom is now fully functional. No more having to go look for towels and soaps and shampoo and various other accessories that are often used in the tub. The towels fit neatly in the linen cabinet and everything else stores nicely in the tall cabinet. The tall cabinet is also small enough to fit neatly into the smallest usable spaces. Enough talking, time for a bubble bath!

10752100_10202038775724704_712232513_nLouvre Tall Cabinet

This beautiful, BrylandHome Exclusive is the perfect solution for bathroom storage and organization. It is designed with plenty of shelves to store bathroom accessories, towels, and more!

  • Three open, adjustable top shelves
  • Bottom door opens to 3 shelves
  • Dimensions: 60 ¾”H x 13 ¾”W x 10 ½”D
  • Low emission engineered wood with brushed silver knobs
  • Available in White and Espresso

10743659_10202038776124714_214450055_nLouvre Linen Cabinet

This gorgeous, BrylaneHome Exclusive provides ample bathroom storage for linens, towels, or bath toiletries. Stylish and space-saving, it coordinates with the entire Louvre Collection.

  •  Top double doors open to 4 shelves; bottom double doors open to 2 shelves
  • Dimensions: 72”H x 24 ¼”W x 11 ¾”D
  • Low emission engineered wood with brushed silver knobs
  • Available in White and Espresso

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Disclaimer: This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post are my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion of this product.

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