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The ability of a mother to produce breast milk for her baby is called lactation. It is a process that happens during pregnancy wherein hormones signal the mother’s breast to start the milk production process

Not all mothers can produce their own milk, so they depend on baby formula. But for those who are blessed with lactation ability, a breast pump is essential in making the most of this special source of nourishment. While there are different types of breast pumps out there, you can check out Not Too Big, as they have a variety to choose from

Continue reading on to learn why more and more mothers are using breast pumps nowadays.

Reasons to use a breast pump.

Cost savings

Sure, a breast pump costs money, but the money a family can save pumping out breast milk instead of buying baby formula adds up. The initial cost of purchasing a breast pump is offset by the years of free breast milk a mother can produce. If you are enterprising, you can even make money selling your breast milk to a milk bank. This is how a breast pump can save and even make you money.


Not all mothers have the opportunity to become housewives. In today’s busy world, a mother must resort to working almost immediately after birth to pursue a career and earn financially. Pumping breast milk allows mothers to feed their babies breast milk even when they are away from home. 

Sore nipples

Yes, breastfeeding can take a toll on the nipples. Sore nipples can disrupt the time and even halt breastfeeding for a while until the nipples heal. This is where breast pumps can help. Breast pumps do not rub or clamp onto the nipples, so they will not cause friction or wear and tear.

Allowing the mother to rest and relax

Breastfeeding can be a tiring activity for the mother. It drains the mother of rest and even nutrients from her own body. She can not move as long as the baby is feeding. She has to stay still in one position for an extended period

Extracting breast milk allows the mother to rest and relax while letting another person, like the father or relatives, feed the baby. This gives the mother time to rejuvenate and attend to her personal needs.

Types of breast pumps



A manual breast pump is the cheaper type of breast pump. Aside from the low cost, a manual breast pump also has no electronic parts, so you do not need to worry about electronic failure. The simple design makes it lightweight and easy to transport. It is also relatively easy to understand how to use

However, a manual breast pump can be tiring as you operate it using a squeezing motion to create suction. Since you are the power source for this device, a manual pump is always ready when you need it. Most, if not all, manual pumps can only extract milk from one breast at a time, so it is more time and energy-consuming too.


Electric breast pumps provide a relaxed milk extraction experience. You simply attach it to your breasts, sit back, and let the pump do all the work. Unlike the manual type, you can use your hands and do other things while pumping out milk

Certain electric breast pumps can extract milk from both breasts at the same time, which makes milk extraction faster as opposed to using a manual pump. You need to be close to an electric power source for you to be able to use this kind of pump, so it is not usable in certain locations.

Battery-operated breast pump

This breast pump offers the same benefits as an electric breast pump but has the advantage of portability. You always have to be aware of how much battery it still has because it can be annoying to run out of batteries in the middle of milk extraction. Battery-operated breast pumps do need to be recharged once batteries run out

Battery-operated breast pumps are heavier due to their battery pack, but some electric pumps are more compact. This type of pump is designed for portability and allows for breast pumping in any location. 


Breast milk has a lot of benefits, including lowering the risk of obesity, developing asthma, and even sudden infant death syndrome. Consider yourself lucky if you are one of those mothers who are blessed with the ability to produce breast milk. It is a free and extremely nutritious source of nourishment for your baby. 

You must take advantage of this ability with the help of a breast pump. You can even share this blessing and donate breast milk to those babies who need it. Remember: breast milk is still best for babies.

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