Brazil’s Top Kid-Friendly Destinations


While Brazil might not be the first destination that springs to mind for Australians when planning a family vacation, it is a surprisingly child-friendly country with plenty of attractions. From interactive museums and mouth-watering food to sun-kissed beaches and thrilling wildlife experiences, Brazil has plenty up its sleeves to keep the little ones amused. To top things off, Brazilians are experts at making children feel welcome. While there are currently no direct flights between Australia and Brazil, many Aussies choose to fly to Rio de Janeiro through the USA, which has direct flights to the city from New York, Miami, Atlanta and Houston, says Paulo Ramos from Reviewbox. Here is our rundown of the top Brazilian child-friendly destinations to consider for your next holiday.

Rio de Janeiro

With over six million inhabitants, Rio de Janeiro has plenty to keep even the fussiest children and adults occupied. Probably the most popular activity for tourists visiting the city is making the journey up Corcovado Mountain in a cog train—don’t forget to take a few snaps beneath the iconic statue of Christ the Redeemer. Another activity on the itinerary of most visitors, which is bound to put a smile on the faces of the little ones, is taking a cable car up Sugarloaf Mountain. Just outside the city centre, Copacabana and Ipanema beaches also offer plenty of fun activities. Why not enrol them in a surfing lesson, or set up a football or volleyball match. Alternatively, rent some bicycles and use the cycling lanes to get the lay of the land.


Nestled along Brazil’s Emerald Coast, the colonial town of Paraty comes complete with cobbled streets, horse-drawn carts and a quaint vibe. Just outside the town centre, families can enjoy a wide range of activities amid the area’s nature. Paraty Bay if famous for its mangroves and calm waters, a perfect spot for kayaking excursions. Another popular activity is taking a boat to the only natural fjord in the country or venturing into the mangroves in a canoe. If you and the little ones are up to it, climb up Pao de Acucar, which offers spectacular views of the fjord and rainforest below.


Boasting the largest wetland in the world, Pantanal is the perfect spot for a family adventure. One of the favourite ways to explore the area is on horseback. Venture out early in the morning to glimpse the unique wildlife that call this area home, including macaws, capybaras and feral pigs. Alternatively, sign the family up for a night safari and search for night animals such as pumas, ocelots and giant anteaters. Some other popular kid-friendly activities in the area include kayaking and piranha fishing—rest assured, despite their fierce appearance, piranhas don’t usually attack humans.

For more ideas about fun activities you can enjoy with your children, no matter the location, check out: Fun Activities for Spending Quality Time with Your Kids.

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