Body Odors Sapping Your Confidence? Try an All Natural Body Powder


Deodorants are an $18 billion industry and they’ve only been around for a little over a century. So, you may be wondering: why don’t these billion-dollar, 100-year-old products actually work?

Beats us. But what we do know is that there’s a better, even older remedy for that stink: body powder. Keep reading to learn everything about smelling bad, body powders, and how the latter can obliterate the former. 

Why Do You Stink?

Body odor is the smell of bacteria eating your sweat. Seriously, that’s why we stink more when we’re unwashed or sweaty. And that’s also why we stink the most when we’re unwashed and sweaty. 

Poor hygiene aside, why else do we stink? Here are the top five reasons.


Ever wondered why little kids play all day but never seem to really stink? That’s because most humans don’t begin to smell bad until puberty or later. 


People who are obese tend to smell more than others. Why? People who are overweight simply tend to sweat more and, as we’ve discussed, sweat is one of the biggest contributors to stink.


Do you eat a lot of spicy foods? Then it could be your diet that’s causing you to stink.

We sweat when we eat hot spices. If you don’t wash that sweat away after your meal, you’ll start to smell. 


People with certain health conditions are more prone to getting smelly. For example, people with diabetes are more prone to developing bad breath. 

Diabetic-related stinkiness usually affects the mouth. It occurs due to a funky combination of bacteria growth, reduced blood flow, and dry mouth. 


For some people, it doesn’t seem to matter how many showers you take a day. You still stink. The most likely cause of your smell is genetics.

Genes that increase the risk for sweating disorders, for instance, are more prone to body odor. 

Why You Should Try All-Natural Body Powder 

Deodorant not cutting it anymore? Then it’s about time you learned why an all-natural body powder for men should be your new go-to. 

Naturally Absorbs Moisture

Remember, the two causes of stink are sweat and bacteria. But here’s something we haven’t mentioned: bacteria are attracted to sweat. Even if you sweat when you’re clean, you could still stink.

That’s where body powders come in. 

Eliminate unwanted bacteria by absorbing all that moisture. Dust your sweatiest regions with body powder, and you’ll stay dry all day. And that also means you won’t stink.

Provides Friction Relief

If you’ve ever played sports, you know how invaluable body powder is. Powders keep things cool and reduce moisture accumulation to prevent chafing.

Sprinkle a light dusting of body powder in your sweatiest crevices and crannies next time you’re getting sweaty. You’ll get the hype immediately. 

Reduces Breakouts

In general, three things cause acne: dead skin, bacteria, and excess oils. You’re on your own with your dead skin. But adding a body powder to your male beauty routine can help with oiliness.

And, just like with sweat, facial bacteria are attracted to oil. The less oil your pores produce, the more bacteria you’ll keep away. And that 2/3 of the battle when it comes to acne-prone skin. 

Oh, and people with sensitive skin rejoice! Because body powders won’t irritate your complexion.

Makes Your Smell Great

Body powder has been around for centuries. Egyptian, Greek, and Roman peoples originally used toxic talcum powders infused with natural fragrance from fresh-smelling herbs like lavender. 

Modern body powders no longer use talcum. But they still smell really, really good. Plus, body powder offers a unique scent that will make others take a second whiff. 

Other Ways to Use Body Powder

Body powder is so versatile! You don’t just have to use it as a full-body deodorant. You could also repurpose it into additional parts of your grooming routine. 

Here are our top three favorite alternative uses for body powder. 

Dry Shampoo

Spend too much money on dry shampoo? Not anymore when you start using body powder for your hair. Body powder is the bar-none solution to absorbing oil buildup after a few days sans showering.

This tip is especially useful for people with hair color on the lighter side. But with a good post-sprinkle brushing, body powder can work as a dry shampoo for all hair types and shades. 

Foot Deodorizer

Your pits and nether regions aren’t the only places that stink. According to Foot Health Facts, stinky feet is highly common in people who wear shoes every day. So, in other words, all of us need body powder for smelly feet.

Sprinkle your feet with body powder before you put your socks on. Toss some body powder in your shoes after you take them off. No matter how you do your body powder foot routine, just make sure you don’t skip out on this tip!

Athlete’s Foot Treatment

We warned you not to skip out on our previous tip. Because, if you did, you’re probably dealing with a nasty case of Athlete’s Foot right now. Luckily, your trusty body powder can help with that, too.

Athlete’s Foot is caused by excess moisture. But simply applying a little powder to infected regions and/or to soak up wetness after a workout can curb that problem—keeping your feet fresh, healthy, and stink-free. 

Stop Wasting Money on Hygiene Products That Don’t Work!

Body powder is your one-stop shop for a dryer, cooler body. It reduces moisture, which, in turn, cuts back on bacteria. And without all that bacteria eating and belching out your sweat, you won’t have to stink anymore. 

Looking for more tricks to help boost your health? You’ve come to the right place. Keep scrolling for other articles like this one!

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