Beer Gifts: 9 Great Ideas for the Beer Lover in Your Life


Are you reading this sentence and thinking to yourself, man, I sure could use a beer right now!

Well, do you and your friends enjoy drinking beer together? Is there one person in your life who’s a major beer lover?

You can treat them by buying them a few beer gifts. These are gifts that make drinking beer even more enjoyable than it already is. Beer gifts are great gifts for birthdays or other holidays.

So what are the best beer gift ideas to consider?

Here are our recommendations:

1. Beer Subscription

What could please a beer lover more than a beer box

This is a box that contains a 12 pack of unique beers. If your beer buddy is an aficionado and likes experimenting, this is the perfect gift. It’ll also come with a mug or glass that they can keep.

After all, aren’t the best gifts for beer lovers a savory 12 pack? Find the best box and send it to their doorstep!

2. Beer Chillers

Don’t you hate it when you can’t find a great cold beer? Luckily, there are beer chillers that keep your beer cold at all times. 

It’s a stainless steel rod that you insert into your beer bottle. It keeps the beer cold at all times. So even if you leave your beer aside for a few minutes, you don’t have to worry about it warming up.

This is a great gift that’s also affordable. You might want to consider buying a few of these chillers for your beer buddy!

3. Beer Can Insulator

Does your beer buddy prefer drinking out of a can rather than a bottle? Well, there’s a great gift for that as well!

You can buy a beer can insulator. This is a protective sheath that covers your beer can. It also keeps the beer cold at all times. 

They are affordable and can get easily carried around. If your recipient likes entertaining guests, you might consider buying several insulators that they can share with their guests.

4. Flask

Let’s face it — we all want to take a swig every now and then. Why not consider getting a flask for your beer buddy?

You can choose a rectangular flask that holds a lot of beer. Or you can choose a round flask that lets you drink in moderation. Often, round flasks have “windows” where you can look at your beer before taking a swig!

If you really want to treat someone, give them a flask with their name engraved on it. You can also give them a bottle of their favorite beer alongside the flask.

5. Personalized Beer Glass or Mug

There’s a certain sense of pride one gets when they get beer poured in their own glass or mug. 

So why not consider buying your beer buddy a personalized beer glass or mug? 

You can buy a readymade glass or mug that has text or images that your recipient will already like. This can be a quote from a movie or TV show. Or it can be the logo of their favorite sports team.

You can also engrave a personalized message or image on a glass or mug. You can put your beer buddy’s name on it. Or you can engrave a photo of them — so that everyone knows who gets to drink out of the glass/mug!

6. Beer Brewing Kit

Wouldn’t it be nice to try to create your own beer? For your beer buddy, consider getting them a beer brewing kit. If they enjoy craft beer, this is one of the best craft beer gifts available.

This will show them how to create their own beer that suits their personal style. 

It’ll also teach skills that every beer lover should know. It’s a great way for friends to get together for the weekend and bond over beer.

If your beer buddy wants to start their own pub, this is a great way to learn the craft first.

7. Beer Books

There have been many great scholars who have penned works of literature about the lovely drink we call beer!

One of the best options is to get a book that lists different types of beers. This can teach the recipient about how beer is made and what beer is popular around the world.

There are also books on how alcohol plays a part in different cultures. Why not find a great book on Oktoberfest? Or perhaps a book on the history of beer itself?

We’re sure the recipient will love sipping on a beer while learning a thing or two about the drink!

8. Beer Bottle Openers

One of the best beer gift ideas has to be a beer bottle opener. Nothing can be more stressful than having a cold beer in one hand, and not being able to find the bottle opener!

You can find a pocket or keychain beer opener that the recipient can always carry with them. Or you can buy a wall opener that stays in one place. The latter is a great idea if your recipient often has guests over.

You might also want to give them a few beer bottle openers. This might inspire them to start their own collection of beer bottle openers. These can have graphics or text that they’ll appreciate.

9. A Mini-Fridge

Wouldn’t it be nice if a cold beer was just within arms’ reach? Consider buying your recipient a mini-fridge.

You can find them at affordable prices and in different sizes. You can find ones that can hold a six-pack at a time. Or there are ones that can hold up to 50 cans at a time.

This is a perfect gift for storing beer during a party. If they like having guests over, this is a great choice.

Get These Beer Gifts

Now you can choose the best beer gifts for the beer lovers in your life! 

Maybe you can get them a nice box of their favorite beer and then gift them a glass, mug, or flask to go with it!

If you want a great bonding experience, nothing could be better than a beer brewing kit. We know that whatever you get, your beer buddy will love it!

Are you looking for more great gift ideas? Check out our website for more great shopping suggestions.

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