Birds Eye Makes Back to School Meals and Snacks Tasty with Ease.


When Back to School comes around I always dread figuring the meals part out. For I never look forward to them going back to school.  Yes, I am one of those Moms that liked my kid’s home for the summer.  With them headed back to school a lot comes along like schedules, wanting fresh ideas for meals and homework.  With Birds Eye I think I have the meals part covered.

Birds Eye Blueberry Corn Muffins

I do not want my kids going to school on an empty stomach so it is important that their breakfast is quick and easy.  Muffins are a great breakfast item, especially when they are healthy.  I can also make meals the night or day before to make the morning run smoothly.  The Big Blueberry & Corn Muffins are a big hit when it comes to my children.  They already love both blueberry and corn muffins so putting them together is a no-brainer.

Very Berry Veggie Pops

Another great idea from Birds Eye is their Very Berry Veggie Pops!  What a great snack for the kids after school! This recipe calls for steam fresh broccoli florets, banana, strawberries, blueberries, yogurt, agave/honey or maple syrup! With all of the fruit that is included in this delicious snack, you don’t even have to tell them there is any broccoli in it. They only have to be in the freezer for 4 hours so it can be a made ahead of time when they get home. Definitely, one way to add a veggie in one of their treats.

Pizza Burger Panini Sliders

What about dinner? I am glad you asked. With all of the recipes they have on their website you could easily have a meal for every night of the week. But this one is a real favorite in my house. Pizza Burger Panini Sliders are not only tasty but fun.  This is something that both adults and kids will enjoy. Just add a side of vegetables and you have a complete and easy meal.

As you can see with so many recipes on Birds Eye’s site you will never run out of ideas!  Although some are geared towards the kids, you are bound to find many great recipes that the whole family will love!


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