Best ways to watch the Super Bowl with your family


The 2023 Super Bowl is scheduled to take place on the 12th of February 2023. The Super Bowl season is the perfect time to gather your loved ones and spend some quality time together. 

Old and young family members usually love to watch the football game and follow the Superbowl odds to predict the winning team. 

There are several ways you can turn the Super Bowl season into a great family gathering that will create long-lasting memories. This article will focus on some of the best tips to watch and plan the Super Bowl.

  • Know when, where and how to watch the Super Bowl

Before focusing and planning anything else, you want to make sure you know exactly when the Super Bowl will take place, which will depend on your time zone. 

Once you know when it’s taking place, pick a location where you want to watch it from. 

Knowing where you’ll watch the Super Bowl game, ahead of time, will help you plan and include all of your family members. 

Then, you want to make sure you know how to watch the football game. You should have tested your television, sound system and other devices ahead of time to make sure they work. 

You also want to have the channel ready. The Super Bowl will be televised by Fox. 

Make sure the channel and your devices work before the game starts. If some of your family members are unable to come watch the Super Bowl with you, you can watch it with them via Zoom or by using a browser extension like Teleparty

  • Invite family members well ahead of time

The sooner, the better if you’re planning a large family reunion. You want to make sure that your guests all get their invitation well ahead of time, so they don’t make other plans. 

Inviting family members several weeks before the Super Bowl will also give you more time to plan accordingly. You’ll know how many guests to expect which will help you buy the right number of drinks and amount of food for the big event. 

You can also ask family members to help you out by bringing food or drinks to your house. In other words, inviting people well ahead of time will help you make the most of the Super Bowl and organize a successful family reunion. 

It will also be less stressful for you which will make it more enjoyable. 

  • Think about your home setup

Once you know roughly how many family members to expect, you can start thinking about your home setup. Ideally, you want a home setup that allows your family members to talk to each other easily and to move around. 

Large spaces with minimal furniture are ideal if you’re planning on inviting a lot of family members and friends. You don’t want too much furniture because it will get in the way. 

That being said, you want enough seating furniture, so make sure you have plenty of chairs, a large comfortable couch, cushions and other cozy seats. 

Aim for round furniture that will include all of your family members and give them the opportunity to catch up with each other. 

With round furniture, like round tables, your guests can all see each other and hear each other’s conversations which is usually more inclusive than long, rectangular tables. 

  • Plan a variety of food and drinks 

According to an article, one of the most popular Super Bowl foods are chips and dips. Other popular Super Bowl foods include burgers, cookies, and chicken wings. 

As for drinks, the most popular drink appears to be beer, according to another article. Sodas are also popular along with homemade beverages like lemonade. 

If you’re going for a classic Super Bowl food and drinks selection, then go for the ones we just mentioned. 

But, on top of these traditional foods and drinks, you might want to bring a variety of things. For example, if one of your family members is a vegetarian, or is allergic to a certain food, make sure your Super Bowl gatherings include something that they can eat. 

Make a list of any dietary requirements that your guests have and the age of your guests to plan your food and drinks selection accordingly. 

If you have young children or will be hosting younger guests, you might want to buy some age-appropriate snacks. 

  • Plan some fun activities 

You can prepare a little schedule and some activities before and after the game to entertain your family members. You can either prepare some table games for all family members or have some games ready for younger guests to play and different games for the older ones. 

Make sure to take some pictures as well to remember the event! 

This article presented some of the best ways that you can watch and enjoy the Super Bowl season with your family. By following these tips and recommendations, you will organize a nice family gathering that will leave wonderful memories behind. 

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