The Best Ways to Keep Your Kids Cool in Hot Weather


Most of us are thankful when winter ends and the hot weather arrives, because the new season means we can make the most out of the time spent with our kids.

Some of the most precious memories you can make with your kids are spent on beautiful days outside. Just one afternoon of good weather in your garden creates memories that will last a lifetime.

Sunny days also allow the opportunity to take trips to the park, or go on other adventures outside, like visits to a farm, the beach, or a zoo. These trips are a fantastic way to have fun and play with your child as they learn and grow.

The Best Ways to Keep Your Kids Cool in Hot Weather

However, despite all the fun the hot weather brings, most moms worry about how well their kids are going to cope with the heat.

Moms are right to worry; babies, toddlers, and even young kids are more susceptible to heat stroke and dehydration than adults. Even without the worry of heat stroke, children often become irritable and sleepy in the heat.

If you want to make the most of the summer with your young children, follow these tips to keep your kids nice and cool in the hot weather.

  • Hats & Sunshades

This one is basic advice, but if you’re going on a trip outside the house, make sure you bring the hats and the sunshade for your stroller.

Both hats and strollers provide shade for your children when you’re on the go, which will keep them cool. Although it’s advisable to keep your kids in the shade as much as possible, sometimes when you’re out and about your going to be in direct sunlight. Hats and sunshades provide that necessary shade to keep your kids going.

  • Sun cream

Sun cream is an essential, but not just for the reason you think. Obviously, if you are in the sun with young kids you should apply sun cream to their skin a lot, to protect them from harmful burns and blisters.

However, as well as protecting your kids’ skin, frequent application of sun cream also serves to keep your kids cool. Sun cream, like water, immediately cools the skin on application, and helps to regulate the body temperature of your children – two for the price of one!

  • Paddling pool  

Paddling pools are a great way to keep your kids cool, and a really fun one at that! Kids absolutely love splashing around in a paddling pool with some toys when the weather is hot.

The benefits of paddling pools extend beyond keeping your kids at a good temperature. For kids who are too young to go swimming, paddling pools establish some early confidence in the water, meaning that when it’s time to take their first dip, they are already little water babies!

  • Use Appropriate Bedding

Protecting your kids from heat isn’t only a daytime task. On some of the hottest evenings of the year, you’re going to need to keep your kids cool while they sleep.

Make sure that all bedding you use is 100% cotton to keep your kids cool. Polyesters and nylons trap heat in and make your kids sweaty – which will irritate their skin, and means a sleepless night for you.

Remove any and all waterproof mattresses, even if one of your kids wets the bed. On nights like that, it’s better to just deal with the consequences rather than subjecting your kid to too much heat, which can make them poorly.

  • Turn on the AC

Air Conditioners are a great way to keep your home and your kids cool during the hotter months. A hot house can be an oppressive space, which can create tears and tantrums from the young ones when they’re burning up. Invest in the best air conditioner you can to provide some relief from the heat for your family.

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