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Johnson & Johnson has a great line of products.

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Johnson’s Baby has a wonderful line of products for your newborn through life.  I still use Johnson’s Baby on myself, and my 3 year old.

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I leaves my hair feeling fresh, clean, and silky.  They have a special formula for curly hair, and another for straight hair.  These products are so wonderful.  I have to use the straight hair, while my 17 year old daughter uses the curly/full hair product.

They are also the makers of Desitin, which is a wonderful product, still, for my 3 year old.  You can also get Q-tips with oversized ends on them, so that you can clean their outer ears, without worrying about puncturing the inner ear.  There is also sunscreen protection, baby lotion, baby wash, etc. 

Johnson’s Baby is a huge name in the baby industry.  I’ve trusted them for 17 years, the age of my daughter, and will continue to trust them. 

You can get coupons for Johnson’s Baby Products, to make it easier to shop for them on a tight budget.



Johnson’s is also the maker of Band-Aid.  You can find all sorts of character Band-Aids anywhere you shop.


We only use Band-Aid, they stick well, and help the boo-boos feel better fast.  You can find them in a reusable tin, as well as, boxes.  All of these products are super sticking, and don’t hurt when you remove them.  You can buy Band-Aid with Antibiotic on it, for faster healing, as well.

I love all of Johnson’s products.  I’ve used them for 17 years, as stated above, and will continue to use them throughout mine and my children’s lives.  And when they are older, and have kids, I will have them use Johnson’s as well.



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