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Utah is a must-visit for all nature lovers and adventure freaks. It is a landlocked state located in the Western United States. What makes this state so alluring to tourists is its natural wonders, including but not limited to the 5 national parks situated in it, its small towns bustling with outdoor activities, and the thrilling winter excursions in the mountainous regions. Because of these attractions, tourists visiting Utah spent a whopping $10.56 billion in 2021, a sum that speaks for itself.

With so many sights to see and experiences to offer, it becomes increasingly more work to know which ones are best suited to you in the sun-soaked landscape. So, if you’re planning your first or next visit to the Beehive State, keep the following top spots in mind that are bound to woo you away:

St. George 

Located in Washington County, Utah, St. George is known as Utah’s Dixie and is rich in culture and heritage. Because of its central location near several must-visit national parks and excursion spots, St. George can be the ideal place for basing yourself if you’re planning an extended trip. As a visitor, you can choose from many vacation rentals in St. George, according to your preference.

Among the main nearby attractions, Zion National Park is a must-visit, being just an hour away, while Snow Canyon State Park, a great undiscovered natural area, is less than 20 minutes away. The city itself includes several attractions, such as the Christian historical sights of St. George Temple and the Brigham Young Winter Home, outstanding hiking trails in Pioneer Park, and the adjoining Red Hills Desert Garden. 

Zion National Park

Perhaps the greatest marvel to witness and explore in all of Utah is the Zion National Park in Greater Zion. Its red rock cliffs, waterfalls, and stunning vistas make it a breathtaking site in the south. The park was created to preserve the dramatic geology, including Zion Canyon and a labyrinth of deep and brilliantly colored Navajo sandstone canyons in the region.

From spring until fall, a sightseeing bus takes tourists through the national park along the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive, which follows the valley floor. In winter, the route can be traveled in your vehicle too. 

Zion National Park is also known for being a hiker’s paradise. Popular trails include The Narrows, Canyon Overlook Trail, Pa’rus Trail, and the enthralling Angel’s Landing Trail. If this isn’t enough adventure, opt for canyoneering down or rock climbing up Zion’s 2,000-foot-tall sandstone cliffs. For an authentic outdoor experience, campgrounds and RV parks are on the site where you and your loved ones can spend the night. 

Arches National Park

Another scenic park awaiting tourists is the Arches National Park, symbolized by its infamous horseshoe-shaped Delicate Arch and Landscape Arch, creating the perfect background for your photographs. The park houses more than 2000 natural arches, attracting more than a million visitors annually. You can either trek the numerous walking trails and hikes which lead to the rock formations or view the main attractions from the scenic drives or horseback rides through the park.

Aside from the arches, the main attractions include the Devil’s Garden, Fiery Furnace, Park Avenue, Balanced Rock, and the Windows. The park is located just outside Moab, a town well-known among mountain bikers and outdoor adventurers, which makes for the next must-visit spot on our list. 


Being the closest community to two national parks, Arches and Canyonlands, Moab is a tourist favorite, offering endless opportunities for hiking, biking, rafting, and off-road adventures. Adventure lovers can even live out their wildest dreams of skydiving or riding a hot air balloon to get a bird’s eye view of the red rock formations surrounding the town.

Because of the area’s snowy winters and harsh summers, mountain bikers prefer visiting in spring and fall to ride the challenging Slickrock Trail. It’s still a great place to travel to at the end of the year if you’re into winter sports. As a beginner, you can join them on their daring biking adventures or go for easier biking trails. No matter your choice, you’ll have the biking adventure of a lifetime! 

Bryce Canyon National Park 

While all 5 national parks present in Utah are worth visiting, the final one to get a place on this list is the Bryce Canyon National Park, with multiple routes to visit it from Las Vegas. What makes this park different from the rest is the presence of the world’s largest number of hoodoos. The hoodoos dominate the park’s landscape and create a jaw-dropping scenery. Since the park is located on an elevation of over 8000 feet, the climate is cold all year round, with the best months to visit being April to October.

However, tourists eager to engage in winter sports like snowshoeing and cross-country skiing should visit when snowfall commences in the region. 

Salt Lake City

The capital city of Utah is the ideal destination for seeing historical sights and enjoying winter activities and pursuits. The late 19th-century Salt Lake Temple on Temple Square is the largest Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, making it a significant landmark to visit.

When winter arrives, the best skiing resorts located in the Little Cottonwood Canyon and Big Cottonwood Canyon, an hour away from Salt Lake City, begin hustling and bustling with activity. However, this is only some of what the capital city has to offer. The Great Salt Lake, situated a half-hour drive northwest of Salt Lake City, is an additional monumental sight. It is the largest inland lake west of the Mississippi and a remnant of a much larger freshwater lake, Lake Bonneville.

Park City

Bringing our list to an end is Park City, the perfect place for winter sports enthusiasts. The city proudly hosted a plethora of events of the 2002 Winter Olympics on its world-renowned slopes and peaks, which have now been converted into the Utah Olympic Park.

Accompanying the top-notch ski resorts are the City’s main streets with buildings, restaurants, and stores that bring the place to life since the town’s mining days. Another popular attraction, particularly for film fans, is the Annual Sundance Film Festival, which takes place every January. Situated about 45 minutes southeast of Salt Lake City, a visit to Park City is the best way to bring your Utah vacation to an end. 


While it is practically impossible to confine the beauty of Utah to an exhaustive list, it is even more difficult to visit every spot worth seeing in one trip. Therefore, the spots mentioned above are the best places to start to get a small taste of what the State offers.

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