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The only thing better than having a four-legged best friend is making sure they are happy and healthy. That is why making your own dog food can make such a difference in your special pup’s life. Unlike so many store-bought dog food products, homemade recipes have healthy, affordable, non-GMO ingredients so your pup gets the nutrition they need every day. For additional nutrition be sure to use supplements for homemade dog food. Here are some things to consider to give your dog a long, healthy life.

Tip #1: Nutrition

Dogs require a balanced, natural, and complete diet that has all the food groups. Keep in mind that some factors like weight and age will play an important factor in choosing the right ingredients.

Azestfor (experts in animal diet) consult a Ph.D. in animal nutrition who suggests the following when it comes to your doggy diet:

Caloric Intake Matters – Like people dogs need calories to have energy but it is easy to gain weight as a domestic pup who gets special treats now and again. Be sure to factor this in when putting together your pup’s meals

Supplements for Vitamins and Minerals – Part of any well-balanced diet, your pup needs vitamins and minerals to maintain bone health, keep that coat shiny, and have healthy gums and teeth. You can buy health supplements for homemade dog food for maximum health.

Preparation – always make sure your pup is getting well-cooked, fresh ingredients, that are prepared well. Bones can damage your dog’s intestines and stomach so make sure you remove those first.

Tip #2: Exercise

Just like people, pups need consistent exercise. You don’t have to take them for runs every hour, but a few great walks and some playtime is a great way to keep your dog in shape and happy. (Dogs can smile you know). Here are just a few fun workouts you can do with your 4-legged pal:





Playing Ball/Catch


Short spurts are great for you and your dog so exercise often and change it up for maximum health

Tip #3: Homemade Dog Food

It is so easy to make your own nutritious and yummy dog food for your best friend. Follow these simple guidelines and your dog will thank you, well he’ll at least wag his tail.

  1. Protein – Animal or plant sources are great places to provide protein for your dog. Choose from chicken, beef, and turkey for lean protein options
  2. Vegetables – Yes your pup needs veggies, more importantly, the minerals they contain. You can use asparagus, peas, carrots, broccoli, and more
  3. Carbohydrates – your dog needs healthy carbs to give her energy so add brown or white rice and avoid flour or corn-based fillers

Here is a fun recipe you can whip up easily for your pup:

Cook chicken (light or dark) in a small amount of water

Dice or shred the chicken when cooled

Add fresh peas and just let the heat cook them slightly

Add brown rice

Add extra vitamins and minerals like Azestfor Homemade Dog Food Vitamins

These types of meals freeze easily so make a large batch and add vitamins per serving. We are sure these supplements for homemade dog food will have your pup barking for more!

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