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Post Concussion Syndrome (PCS), also called chronic minor traumatic brain injury (mTBI), can lead to major, extended symptoms and restrict routine tasks. Recovery from PCS is even more taxing, as there are no protocols put in place that work for everyone. Rehabilitation is distinct and individualized for each patient. It is recommended that every patient of PCS works with a concussion professional so that the recovery is sped up. Below, we’ve compiled a few general tips that can aid anyone who is suffering from the adverse effects of a concussion. 

Exercise During Concussion Recovery 

Generally, exercising can be useful for recovery from post-concussion syndrome. As you exercise, your heart rate is heightened and blood flow to your brain is increased. Exercising also aids initiate positive nerve activity by the correlating movement of your arms, legs, and head. It also boosts mood, lowers anxiety and depression, and improves sleep. 

Lower Screen Time 

Bright lights such as the light from your phone, laptop, and TV can worsen concussion symptoms. It is advised you limit the time you spend staring at screens. Staying away from screens two hours before going to bed can also aid with sleep issues linked to concussions. 

Always Stay Hydrated

There is exploratory evidence that dehydration may increase the possibility of concussion. Proper hydration is also fundamental for your general health, especially while your body recovers. 

Eat Meals Rich in Omega-3s 

Scientific research has linked improved cognition and recovery of neurons in concussions suffered by mice in a laboratory setting to omega-3 fatty acids

Eat Meals Rich in Antioxidants 

Scientific research has also linked antioxidants with memory and neural functioning improvement. However, they have not been linked particularly to healing after concussion. 

Post Concussion Sleep Hygiene 

Most of our recovery and healing take place while we are asleep. Specifically, during Stage 4 sleep when breathing intensifies, heartbeat slows down, and brain wave activity is at its minimal. Sleep speeds up the repair of cells and releases fundamental hormones. 

Anxiety or Depression With a Concussion 

One set of factors that are responsible for delayed concussion recovery and healing is depression, anxiety, and stress. Irrespective of post concussion treatment,  for a speedy recovery and brain function, a certain and stable level of basic brain wave activity is needed. However, anxiety, depression, and stress increase the general level of base neural activity, as well as initiate major irregular waves in neural patterns. 

Brain Breaks 

A brain break is the ability to place your brain in a state of reduced levels of neural stimulation. Brain breaks are beyond just resting or physical timeouts; they also serve as physical, cognitive, and psychological breaks. The best way to get brain breaks is through meditation. The efficient use of brain breaks is the most fundamental factor in a triumphant return to normal activities like work and school. 

A concussion is a serious injury with no clear way of knowing when a patient has successfully recovered. However, ensure you stay away from strenuous activities, and have enough rest.

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