Best Cars for New Drivers


Being able to drive opens up a huge part of the world to everybody, especially those who were not able to. Being young and driving a car in high school allows you to be in control of where you want to be, especially in places specifically planned out with the automobile in mind. It’s not like you can walk everywhere and in most places, a vehicle is necessary to get to even vital places for your livelihood.

Being a new driver is both liberating and stressful. For one, you can now go anywhere whenever you want without anybody, especially parents to tell you otherwise. On the other hand however, you are footed with the responsibilities a car owner takes.

Being nervous at first is completely normal, and there are situations when driving that can stress anybody out, but as time passes, the anxiety starts to go away and being on the road is second nature to you. 

But is there an ideal car for first time drivers? A quick answer would be to drive whatever car you like but certain vehicles contain features that could be very alluring to those new to driving. 

If there was a feature new drivers should value the most it’s safety. Especially if parents are paying or helping out with the cost of a vehicle, safety features are some of the most important aspects of a car to look out for.

If you are in possession of a damaged car for any reason, you should be using the money from selling that vehicle for your new car. In the past you would have been forced to find a private buyer or negotiate with junkyards all over your area. Now however it’s never been easier since you can sell a damaged and even totaled vehicle for a fair price online.

Used vs New

Everyone knows a used car is cheaper than a new one. With a used car, a first time driver would be able to spend less money and not worry so much about a dent or any other damage that could result from little experience behind the wheel. 

With a new car however, you are generally getting a safer car with less of a chance to break down or end up costing you money in maintenance. Of course you have to decide if these factors are worth the premium you might pay for a more expensive vehicle. 

Once you decide whether or not you should buy used or new, these cars are some that go highly recommended for first time drivers today. Decide which is better for your situation and lifestyle.

Honda Civic

The Honda Civic has been around for a while now and with each evolution, more luxuries are afforded to those who choose to drive it at reasonable prices. The Honda Civics comes with a myriad of safety features that are provided through Honda Sensing technology.

The car features automatic emergency braking, lane keeping assist, and many other technologies to keep a new driver from causing too much damage. Pair this with an appealing almost sport-like aesthetic design and it’s hard to not be drawn to the Honda Civic.

Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius makes use of all the safety features you would come to expect from a modern car. What the Prius does more than well however is get great mileage. For an environmentally conscious first time driver, a hybrid like the Prius can be a great option.

With the Prius, you will be in awe with how far a full tank can take you with extraordinary gas efficiency as a result of the electric motor and gas engine pairing. This paired with being a safe car makes the Prius great for those wanting an environmentally friendly car as their first.

Chevrolet Equinox 

The Chevrolet Equinox provides a competitive SUV experience for a low and competitive price. Getting the more upscale models also provides a slurry of safety features to benefit first time drivers. 

Some people these days don’t feel safe in a car unless it’s an SUV. Although there are small crossover cars that might interest you, the Equinox is an affordable SUV that doesn’t sacrifice all that much to provide a great experience. 

I hope with these cars and ideas you find at the very least a place to start for picking out your new car as a beginner driver. Don’t let the road scare you too much and have fun with your new found liberties. Figure out exactly what you need from a vehicle and use that to help find your perfect car.

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9 days ago

Safety is a priority. Also Drivability is exceedingly important when considering a car for beginners and young drivers. It refers to the smoothness and steadiness of the acceleration along with overall ease of driving the car. You wouldn’t want a beginner learning on a Lamborghini Aventador because it is not exactly an easily driven car. As you could imagine the gas pedal is way more sensitive than your typical sedan so it could be a bit scary for a beginner who is just trying to learn in their neighborhood. Not only is the gas pedal more sensitive, but the car itself is a bit on the larger size considering its width and length. A larger car can be more difficult to handle because of the wider turning radius and ability to fit into tighter spots. Driving in traffic or navigating small parking lots would be something to avoid in anything that could be too long or wide for a first time driver. Another factor to consider is the tightness of the suspension. Suspensions can vary depending on the particular purpose of a car. A sports car typically will have tight suspensions while a normal SUV or sedan will have a looser suspension allowing the driver to have a smoother ride on bumpy roads.

9 days ago

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