Benefits horses can experience after taking CBD pellets


Today, CBD is being widely used by consumers for its therapeutic effects in managing pain, nausea, insomnia, and a range of other health issues. However, the consumption is not limited to humans and research has been carried out cats and dogs and research on horses has also begun rapidly.

In horses, CBD can be used to manage pain, digestion issues, inflammation, and other health complications and has fewer side effects than other treatment options. Today we’re going to go over some of the benefits of CBD when it comes to managing different ailments that horses suffer from.


Inflammation is a common concern for horse owners. It’s no surprise considering horses are so active, and their large size can put their muscles and tendons under significant strain at times. If this becomes a persistent issue, it can cause further problems such as arthritis, chronic pain or heart issues.

CBD helps to manage inflammation and prevent it from causing further health issues. It also helps in reducing swelling. However, if the swelling is due to recent surgery, then you should ask your vet before giving anything.

Chronic Pain and Arthritis

Again, due to the size and weight of horses, chronic pain and arthritis also become an issue at times. However, arthritis would have a much more significant and negative impact on your horse’s quality of life, eventually leading to lameness.

The usual medication for dealing with arthritis has a range of negative side effects and can cause severe sluggishness. CBD treats these ailments without the numerous side effects and without leaving your horse sedated and sluggish. Not only does CBD reduce swelling around the joints, but it also targets pain receptors which prevent signals from going throughout the body and therefore “blocking” the pain. Not only does it fight the ailment, but it also helps improve and maintain your horse’s quality of life.

Emotional Distress

Horses are known to be one of the most loyal animals known to Planet Earth. This comes from their deep emotional intelligence, and it’s therefore important that your horse’s emotional health also be in check as much as its physical health is. CBD is well known for its effects in helping with anxiety and depression, and it has the same calming effect on horses as well.

During transport, you can use PCR hemp pellets for horses, especially if they get jittery during travel. It would make the entire experience much more calming and would benefit the overall emotional health of your horse. It can also help if your horse has had a serious scare and has become nervous and anxious in general. CBD manages this anxiety and uneasiness with minimum side effects, keeping the horse’s overall health intact.

CBD usage doesn’t need to be limited to the above ailments only. One of the major benefits of CBD is that it promotes homeostasis, regulating your horse’s mood, appetite, and overall bodily functions. Periodically giving your horse CBD pellets would also have a preventive effect keeping horses safe from the ailments they are usually plagued with. A pellet a day just might keep the vet away!

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