The case of cancer – How it affects physical, mental and financial aspects


 When a person has cancer, the abnormal cells in the human body divide uncontrollably and destroy the body tissue. Some of the common cancers known today are cancer in breast, prostate, skin, colon, lung, leukemia and lymphoma.  It is easy to list the cancers found today but only the person is facing the treatment will now how dreadful the disease is.  It not only kills the human body of the victim but the whole family is distributed both physically and mentally. In fact, it is very true that cancer is indeed killing the family pocket.  The financial burden it creates is unexplainable.  Even after getting the person treated, doctors have not yet guaranteed that the disease won’t reappear.  So in such a case, purchase of medicines or the treatment cost for the type of cancer should be researched and analyzed. 

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Doctor’s advice

Some doctors advise that early detection of cancer can be cured in an efficient way than cancer which has come to its final stage.  Early detection is possible by a proper diagnosis.  Some of the diagnosis for cancers is:

  • Laboratory tests: You blood and urine samples are collected and tested. They are checked for any cancer-causing  These test reports confirm whether cancer is there or not.
  • Physical examination: The doctor checks the human body physically to feel the lumps.  Normally these lumps lead to a tumor.  Even in case of enlargement of an organ or change in skin color, even this situation may lead to the presence of cancer.
  • Tests done through images: Based on the earlier results if the doctor is doubtful, he will recommend for a CT scan, MRI or PET scan along with ultrasound scan and X-rays. These are specialized scans which diagnosis the illness in detail.
  • Biopsy: It is a test which is conducted on cancer patients.  Even a slight doubt is there; the doctor recommends for this test to locate the place and size of cancer.  Even the stage of cancer is also known.

Expenses beyond affordability

The tests are extremely costly, but precaution is better than cure.  If the tests are done, you will be sure that you don’t have any such problem and in case a problem exists; an early detection will cure it better. A person who has cancer gets depressed soon and loses hope in life.  In depression, he/she won’t be in a position to do anything for some days.  This is not the time for depression or losing hope. Collect all the confidence in you and with the faith in God, go ahead with the cancer treatment.  No matter the treatment costs are more, but it is not more than life. The person living with cancer should be given moral support from near and dear ones.  Instead of reminding him/her about the illness, they should motivate the person to take the treatment.

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