Benefits of Adding Face Masks to Your Skin Care Routine


Every day, you wash your face in the shower, use a facial scrub, apply some toner, and then moisturize—right? Hopefully, you have some sort of skincare regimen in place to take care of your lovely face and to protect it against dry air humidity, environmental factors, and free radicals. Without a high-quality face mask, however, your routine is woefully incomplete.

Get the Gunk Out of Your Pores

Benefits of Adding Face Masks to Your Skin Care Routine

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One of the primary benefits of using a face mask is its ability to get down into your pores and clean out all the gunk. Even if you already have a skin care routine, your pores are probably full of dead skin cells, sebum, makeup residue, and lots of other debris. That’s why they appear large. It’s also the reason your skin feels rough. Clogged pores can result in pimples, too.

A mask penetrates your skin and cleans out your pores. Using a scrub mask that contains sugar, salt, or even raspberry seeds will exfoliate your skin. Clay-based masks absorb the extra oil. Peel-off face masks, such as those ubiquitous charcoal blackhead masks, effectively pull out all the debris from your pores.

Deeply Cleanse Your Skin

Nothing cleanses your skin like a face mask. Your current regimen may include face scrubs, soaps, and toners, which make for an excellent start. However, not even regular use of those products will deeply penetrate your skin. Impurities hide beneath the top layers of the skin on your face. A penetrating face mask is necessary to get down under there and reach those impurities. You basically need to detoxify your skin. In addition to drinking water and keeping up your routine, a mask is essential.

Moisturize and Hydrate

Remember that there’s a difference between oily skin and hydrated skin. Targeted skin care products can remove excess oils, as can the right face mask. You can’t suck out all the moisture from your skin in the process, however. A weekly hydrating mask ensures that your skin remains soft, supple, and hydrated to a healthy degree. 

To that end, always read the ingredients in the face mask you use. Avoid anything that relies heavily on chemicals that you can’t pronounce. You’re dealing with your face now. It’s essential to choose a face mask made with natural ingredients, such as LuLuLun. Honey, lavender, almond oil, and cherries are healthier for your skin than harsh additives that only increase inflammation and redness.

Glow Up

Face masks leave you with an incomparable glow. Applying a mask regularly can highlight your natural beauty, giving you dewy, flawless skin that seems illuminated from within. You will have the confidence to walk out of the house fresh-faced, and everyone will want to know your secret.

You can find a mask for every type of skin, from oily to dry to combination. You may not have time to apply a mask every day, so check out weekly and bi-weekly options, too. The important thing is to use something that will penetrate your skin, clean out your pores, and show off your natural glow.




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