7 Health Tips That Will Help Single Mothers Become Better Parents


Did you know that almost a quarter of children in the United States are growing up in a single-parent household?

Raising a child is a difficult task even in the best circumstances, but doing so for single mothers without the help of the father makes it a monumental task no matter how great your parenting skills. Being a single parent adds stress and fatigue to raising your child.

Luckily, there are tips that you can follow and implement in your life to help you raise a child while staying at optimal health. Continue reading to learn more about seven tips that will help you become the best parents possible.

1. Eat Healthily

Healthy foods provide the benefit of giving your body more energy. A great step towards eating healthily is to eat a wide variety of foods from the five food groups throughout your day.

2. Be Physically Active

Staying active keeps you fit. Single moms usually have a pretty full schedule but try to find ways to fit physical activity into everyday activities. Some good ways to do this are going for a walk with your child or kicking a ball around with your child.

3. Single Mothers Need Lots of Rest

It is easy to become exhausted as a single parent, especially if you have no one there to help support you. It is also difficult because your instincts will have you put yourself last and your child’s needs first. 

Try your best to take some time for yourself every day, even if it’s as little as ten minutes. You can also ask a family member for help watching your child so that you can rest and recover.

4. Stay Connected With Others

Remaining connected with friends and family is a great way to boost your mental health. It allows you to realize that people care about you and your wellbeing, and shows that they want to help.

Even if you can’t meet face-to-face, texting and calling is a great way to stay connected. This is also helpful if an emergency happens. If you need to visit a 24 hour urgent care facility your friends or family will be able to help watch your child.

5. Do Relaxing Things

Another great way to help you get the most out of your parenting skills is to take time to do relaxing things. Yoga and meditation are great ways to relax and get your mental health in an optimal place.

Reading a book or taking a hot bath are other great ways to rejuvenate yourself.

6. Get Organized

Planning something to look forward to is another great way to stay healthy mentally and physically as a single parent. Whether it is a day trip to an amusement park or a week-long getaway to paradise, planning something is a great way to keep your health up.

7. Keep a Positive Mindset

Keeping a positive mindset is key to both your physical and mental health. Be honest with your child if things are difficult, but also be sure to remind them often that things will continue to get better.

It is also important to let your sense of humor shine through even if things don’t always go perfectly. This will help you and your child get through difficult times together with a smile.

Take Your Parenting to the Next Level

There aren’t many things more difficult in life than being a single parent. Single mothers might feel like they are carrying the world on their shoulders, so it is important to take time for their health and wellbeing. 

It is important to focus on keeping a positive mindset even when times are tough. You should also stay active and eat healthy so that you have the energy to get through your full schedule each day.

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