Bartering: The ancient way of trading is becoming essential again!

  • Have you ever thought of an alternative way of getting new items instead of buying them?
  • Have you ever thought of getting rid of your unwanted items in return of some new items you want?
  • Have you ever thought of giving your services for another service in return?
  • Have you ever thought of offering your services in return of something you might want?
  • Have you ever watched Asterix and Ovelix and dreamt of leaving in such self-sufficient world?


  We are talking about bartering as a new form of doing business or as a new way to gain what we need without spending a penny. But do we know exactly what the definition is? According to Wikipedia, Barter is a system of exchange by which goods or services are directly exchanged for other goods or services without using a medium of exchange, such as money. It is usually bilateral, but may be multilateral as well.

     In the ancient years bartering was the only way people used to fulfill their needs. In my opinion, bartering is what we need to do at the present years as the recession is biting us hard.

     There are plenty of freelancers around the world that can provide their skills either online or offline. Those who can provide their services online such as writing, web design, graphic design and virtual assistance can exchange them in return of other services they need or even in return of some goods they really want. 

In 2009, Linda Kennedy, a reporter from BBC decided to discover the fine art of bartering (these are the words she used about bartering). She was surprised by how many local societies used the barter system. From taxi drivers who offer their rides to accountants who offer their bookkeeping services. From electricians and salon owners to tech support people who are looking to trade their services for tax-return prep. In question, if bartering is the future, the BBC’s reporter answered that she is not sure but she definitely believe the world with bartering is more feasible.

     We are in the year 2013 and we have to deal with a really tight economy. Bad luck or just bad management? I am not sure! But I know for sure that things have been changed and now we have to change our way of thinking! We have to think out of the box and find our solutions to make our life better. Bartering came back and i think that it’s the way to fulfill our needs. 

    As, the economic crisis is becoming deeper in all over the world is coming with an alternative idea. Everyone can fulfill his needs by just exchanging something for something else. is a platform where people can meet, announce what they want and offer and finally exchange! The website is an imaginary digital notice board on which people can  “upload” a pic of their item or a description of their service as well as what to expect in return.

  All these trades are free of charge. So, people with economic problems can fulfill their needs for clothes, food, etc by trading other items like furniture, or even services. Moreover, something like that is sustainable. We don’t buy new items; we can just recycle them between people.



5 Reasons to Barter through

1.  It’s easy and timeless.

The steps are simple and easy. You just need to create an account and upload your listing for a pre-loved item or a service you want to offer.  Then you have just to wait for the others’ offers. Done! 


2.  It’s like taking something completely free!

As the financial crisis becomes deeper, we all need to reduce our living costs. Bartering is giving us the opportunity to fulfill our needs for free.

We all have something really good that we don’t use anymore or we don’t need it any more, such as clothes, home appliances, furniture, and personal stuff. But we all need more and more in order to satisfy our daily needs. At we can just trade for all our unused items in return for those we need. And of course this is completely free! 


3.  It’s a way to gain money.

Yes, bartering can lead you to more money! How? Imagine that a handyman wishes to trade his services with a haircut. The trade can be done completely free, and both of them can be happy for that. But this is not the end.  Each person can be the link for future referrals to cash-carrying customers. As a result, using bartering for your services can be a form for advertisement as well, without spending a penny. 

4.  Bartering is for everyone

Even if you are familiar with bartering or not, even you are struggling financially or have a steady income, even you are young or not, everyone can barter and be part of a new way of living. So, everyone is invited, from parents to students, from professionals to businesses to trade old or new stuff and services.


5.  You can get start bartering today

Browse our inspiration stories and tips at Godigging blog and get ready to start bartering. And maybe, you can be the next 17-year-old Steven Ortiz who managed to drive a Porsche after bartering a cell phone in 2010, or even Matthew Wagner who had a Lasik eye surgery in exchange of his photography services.



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