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Course Fishing is a term used mainly in the United Kingdom to refer to fresh water fishing. This is a technique mostly used in gaming where the types of fish being angled including salmon and trout. Let’s get into some details of the fish gaming.

What you should avoid and what you should always do when you are out for course fishing

The visibility factor needs to be keenly understood. The clothing you have on affects the number of fish you get. Wearing subdued colors such as brown and green helps one to blend with the surrounding foliage thus you won’t scare the fish away. It is very important to remain in the right position. Remaining below the skyline as much as possible is very efficient as any movement against the sky’s bright background is easily visible to all fish. The secret is to move quietly whilst making sure to maintain a low profile. Keenly observe where you step as heavy steps and kicked stones will easily scare the fish away.

Aimless putting of baits can also put you in a very disadvantaged position. Before putting any bait you should always think of the best location to place the bait. Do not go for the easiest place to place the bait but the best location. Consider the water current in doing this as choosing the wrong position for a huge current would be ineffective and same case applies to a slow current.

Do not just throw the baits but also consider their density. Different baits will fly differently and sink to different depths. More dense and spherical baits will always go to greater depths. While casting the baits, do not just throw baits with the same density. This reduces your targets as they will probably go to equal lengths and depths.

Understanding your offerings is quite crucial in course fishing. The baits difference in densities will definitely be to your advantage as lighter offerings will always travel further downstream pulling fish to feed in front of you. However, this can happen but not benefit you if it was not done as to your terms as you will not be able to understand what is happening beneath the water surface.

A Hasty introduction of the baits in the river can easily ruin your catch. A good observation of the current is very effective as a turbulent river can have the current change from time to time. This is more so in wild and fast flowing rivers that if not well observed can see you lose all your baits with no catch.

Be keen to observe what is happening after throwing the baits. Sometimes you can see the telltale flash of a turning barble. The moment you realize the desired species feeding on the bait, do not be in much of a hurry to lift the fishing line. Giving the fish some time builds its confidence making it to feed harder and this makes you be in a position of catching more fish or even the biggest shoal member.

Andy Morley is a keen amateur angler from the UK, he also runs the website for his local Stanton Fishing Club. Andy also runs where he provides regular tips, advice and stories about his fishing experiences.

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