Bankruptcy and Scandals: What to Know About the Boy Scout Lawsuits


The #MeToo movement isn’t exclusive to women. It’s all about empowering all victims of sexual abuse to step forward. Over the past several years, thousands of women, children, and men have spoken out.

Among those coming forward are thousands of former Boy Scout members.

According to victims, the Boy Scouts institutionalized sexual abuse for decades. The group attracted and empowered pedophiles to prey on young boys. Now, there’s a host of Boy Scout lawsuits popping up across the nation.

Learn everything you need to know about them below.

Boy Scout Lawsuits: What’s Getting Uncovered?

In the past, parents clamored to get their kids enrolled in Boy Scouts. The organization promised to strengthen young boys and turn them into men. Groups would bond, camp together, and grow.

Now, several lawsuits are revealing unsettling facts about these alleged camping adventures. Here’s what victims are uncovering in court:

  • Dozens (hundreds?) of pedophiles became members of the group
  • Adults in positions of power abused children in Boy Scouts
  • The organization knew or should have known about the abuse that was occurring
  • The organization didn’t do enough to protect children
  • The organization never reported suspected abuse to Congress

So far, these lawsuits are happening in both criminal and civil courts. Criminal court addresses the individual perpetrator’s actions. Civil court addresses the financial losses associated with institutionalized sexual abuse.

Extending the Statute of Limitations

Another disturbing fact is that the abuse wasn’t limited to a few years or geographical areas. One investigator found over 12,254 victims that suffered from 1946 to 2016.

Some of these individuals who suffered as children are grown adults now. For many, that means the statute of limitations has already passed. They don’t have any legal recourse for what happened to them as children.

Lawmakers across state lines agree that this fact needs to change.

In January of 2020, lawyers banned together to spark this change. They’ve filed a lawsuit in federal court that seeks to extend that statute of limitations.

Some states have already made moves to give victims recourse. Lawyers hope this federal lawsuit will provide equal justice across all states.

Bankruptcy and Gender Wars

It’s devastating to consider Boy Scouts abuse has been ongoing for decades. This revelation hasn’t come without consequences. As a result, the organization is at risk of going bankrupt.

It shouldn’t come as a shock that enrollment rates have plummeted.

In an attempt to draw more people in, Boy Scouts opened the door to young girls. That choice has led to even more lawsuits.

The Girl Scouts are now suing the rebranded Cub Scouts for infringement.

The Future of Cub Scouts

Ongoing Boy Scout lawsuits have put a huge black stain on the whole organization. Despite attempts to rebrand itself as the Cub Scouts even invite girls to join, it’s unlikely the group will rebound.

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