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How often do us woman go out? I am sure it is the majority of us. One thing that annoys me a bit is lugging my purse with me just because of my phone. I have a Iphone 6 Plus so it is not one that you can just slide into your pocket. For the most part I do not even take it with me because I just do not want to take my purse. There is a solution for this problem!!  Bandolier Hands Free Crossbody iPhone Accessory was the resolution for my problem.

The Bandolier is a hard plastic phone case that attaches to a removable leather strap. Each case features two slots to accommodate credit cards, driver’s license and/or cash. No more lugging my purse around with me!!! The Bandolier does make it possible to go out purse-free. WOOT!

So I went out one Saturday, when the kids were at their dad’s house. I had to give this a try. I went out dancing with a friend and I was in love! Not only did I get a number on compliments, but I had NOTHING in my hands. Not my money, not my ID and defiantly not my purse. I recommend this to everyone and anyone. It is the perfect solution.


Bandolier’s sophisticated style redefines mixing business with pleasure. The perfect accessory for a power luncheon, an all day music festival or a Hollywood premiere. Bandolier is the style savvy way to bring along the essentials without the bother of a handbag. Bandolier transforms your iPhone into a piece of wearable technology that will change your life. Stylish, smart and fun, Bandolier is the ultimate statement in chic utility allowing you to navigate the day’s adventures, free and easy.

With its patent pending design, each Bandolier features two slots to accommodate credit cards, driver’s license and/or cash for true liberation from the necessity of carrying a handbag.
 Created by a team of Hollywood insiders and veteran designers, Bandolier is the game-changing accessory that epitomizes the California ethos of high tech meets high fashion.


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This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post is my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.

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